Without a doubt, there are so many things that can be known about you through your teeth. This is because of the connection between your mouth and teeth and other parts of your body. Therefore, seniors should never overlook the importance of checking their teeth if they want to stay up to date with their health status.

Given this, here are 5 important things your teeth can reveal about your health.


If any boomer is suffering from inflamed gums, they may be having a periodontal disease which is often the result of poor oral health. Also, inflamed gums will lead to bleeding. Unfortunately, inflamed gums can indicate heart disease or diabetes. It is worthwhile to note that failure to take care of this condition can result in a plethora of other health problems.

Therefore, any baby boomers experiencing inflamed gums should not hesitate to consult a dentist for proper health care.


A poor diet, especially excess intake of soft drinks, is perhaps the leading cause of chipping or eroded teeth. It can also result in tooth surface loss for some seniors. So, if you notice that your teeth are revealing certain signs of wear and tear, you have to take action to mitigate the problem.

Generally, think about changing your diet and reducing the sugar content of the drinks and meals you consume.


Plaque happens regularly to most retirees and other seniors as a result of their poor oral hygiene. Over time, plaque can make the teeth look unsightly and sometimes cause teeth loss. Fortunately, a plaque is usually easy to notice and can be treated quickly without any complications.

To treat plaque in senior citizens and even younger people, you need to get a toothbrush and floss. Brushing and flossing can also help you prevent heavy plaque buildup.


Loose teeth and receding gum line can sometimes be signs of some underlying health conditions. In some other cases, these conditions may worsen the health problems you already have. A few of the health problems that have been linked to loose teeth are heart disease, dementia or cognitive decline, diabetes, and stroke.

Therefore, as a senior citizen, if you notice that your teeth are loose or your gum line is receding, it may be signs that you have certain health issues. Therefore, get in touch with your doctor as soon as possible for proper health treatment.


Have you been having open sores around your teeth for about two weeks or more? If so, your teeth may be trying to tell you something about your health. Some of the symptoms to consider include tenderness, pain, or numbness in your lips or mouth and white or red patches in your mouth.

These symptoms may be signs of the throat and oral cancers, which are common among seniors as noted by the American Cancer Society.

In conclusion, consult your dentist if you are experiencing any persistent problem with your teeth or mouth.

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