It came as a shock to a lot of people how negatively COVID-19 has impacted the residents of assisted living communities and other long-term care centers. We always assume these places to be the ideal location for our aged loved ones to reside, and they do the job quite well with the help of nurses, doctors, and other support staff. What exactly went wrong that changed the whole scenario of these facilities post COVID-19? This article can give you a detailed insight into the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the adult care industry.


If we look at the stats, assisted living facilities in the United States are home to more than 730,000 people age 65, and the majority of them have underlying health conditions which put them at a high risk of getting the deadly virus. A vast majority of these people also don’t have any friends or family, which makes matters even worse.


With the widespread outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown that came with it, the assisted living communities were subjected to the same problem of deteriorated supply chains, lack of proper diagnostic tests, and unavailability of personal protection equipment like the rest of the world.
Due to the shortage of testing, strict government policies about the administration of tests, and delay in the results of the performed tests, a lot of seniors were left in the dark waiting to get their diagnosis. On the other hand, administrators of the facilities had no idea how many of the seniors and staff were infected by the disease. So, you can clearly get an idea of how difficult it was to take care of the most vulnerable part of the population during the deadly pandemic.


It all means that the long-term care communities in the US have been a victim of the inadequate arrangements and delayed response of the concerned authorities during this novel problem that the whole world faced without any precedent to follow. Now that we have developed a little understanding of COVID-19 and know the mechanism of its propagation, would the assisted living facilities impose a lockdown and restrict the access of visitors if something like this comes knocking the doors again?
A major change in the operation of care facilities has been seen in the form of a movement started to move the scope of assisted living outside the walls of such facilities and into the domain where home care providers had previously operated.


One thing is clear that the life in these facilities will never be the same again, and changes are not only necessary but inevitable looking at all what these facilities have been through during this pandemic period.
The change is not just expanding the scope outside the walls of the facilities but also improving the situation within the walls. As of now, different measures are under consideration to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in assisted living institutions, and we can hope for the facilities to be more vigilant and careful in checking the spread of any future disease. Retirees living in these facilities are also being educated to deal with any upcoming disaster in the best way possible.
The pandemic has changed the way we live, and the effects of this disaster will be around longer than we can think. Everything has changed post-COVID-19 and one of the most affected sectors is that of care facilities and long-term assisted living institutions.
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