William Finley's book "Air Force Cowboy" is an excellent historical presentation of the beginning and growth of our US Air Force (originally the US Army Air Corp).
In the quest for the answer to “Who am I”? Grodsky searches from the Bronx to Wall Street to Woodstock and on the road as he crisscrosses East and West.
Lisa Mazzeo generously shares her memories and lessons with us in Who Can Catch the Moon? She is a dedicated and honest social worker - and now author.
Consumer advocate Mary Pitman has been on Good Morning America, ’s Money Class with Suzie Orman, AARP, CNN Money, plus regional and local TV and more than 100 radio programs.
The death of a loved one is a tragic event. Yet in our darkest hours, God often provides hope and comfort through the smallest things—like a butterfly.
You can actually do it! You can start a small business and be one of the 20% that actually survive and thrive!
Inside the U.S. government EPA (from 1979), scientists clearly saw climate change as a potentially horrific problem. Since 2017, U.S. tools of pollution control have been disassembled or left unused. Climate change is on the national agenda for the first time in the 2020 Presidential election.
Mr. Sims needed someone to give him a second chance. This young Shih Tzu was headed for the pound and possible euthanizing when our paths crossed.
My book is about pre-school in a school setting interacting with one another. There are issues of bullying and the children are taught how to behave and react to bullying.
Confusion, bewilderment, and a lack of direction commonly surface in the aftermath of a death. It’s also the time when dealing with the issues and emotions of the experience can lead to making hasty or unwise decisions.
The Force of Evil has continuously attempted to complete the destruction of humankind since the dawn of time.
The What, Who, Why, When and Where validates that about three hundred years ago the world pivoted. It turned from a place where most people were extremely poor and powerless, with only one autocratic religious option, to a world with a huge thriving middle class enjoying political and religious freedoms.
Warren Dwyer is a graduate student in engineering. He is brilliant, the spoiled only child of his doting but oft-times frustrated parents, as handsome as a model, and a drunk.
A return to the Southern Gothic tradition and a testimony to her Southern roots, author Rose Mary Stiffin's debut novel, Walk in Bethel, is an earthy, spellbinding drama set in the sweltering Mississippi Delta.
Franklin and Connie Darthard were happily married and the proud parents of five children. But the economic downturn for the Texas-based accountant forced him to make a decision that would destroy his home life.
Carl Murray came to Memphis with his bride Gertrude, his dreams, and The Plan. With his voice, he would become an award – winning blues singer.
Judy Garland, an icon whose memory is permanently etched into the American psyche, continues to thrive as a cult goddess. Revered by thousands of die-hard fans, she's the most poignant example of both the manic and depressive (some say “schizophrenic”) sides of the Hollywood myth.
Trudy is afraid. She is pregnant with her third child and can’t imagine her life after her baby is born. She is also addicted to crack cocaine and can’t reconcile being an addict with being a mother.
Rebecca Jean longs for fewer rules and more control in her life, so she writes stories about Laney, the self-assured, with-it girl she wishes she could be. One day, furious and frustrated, she writes a different kind of story. One of revenge.
As a special education teacher and regular classroom instructor, I witnessed the ’s suffering through the stories they told and what I witnessed at school. Bullies come in all sizes, and bullying begins in the home.
This is the captivating story of the years ’s Playground became “the most beautiful boot camp in America” told by the daughter of a WWII veteran. Between 1942 and 1945 Miami Beach played a significant role in WWII.
Don Bailey is proof that the American dream can be a reality. His drive to success took him from truck driver's helper to super salesman to owner of the very building where he started his career.
History expert and publisher Dominic Stewart notices the fairy-tale shoes first, but author Meg Crawford, the woman who wears them, is no Cinderella. Meg should use those red stilettos to walk away from the powerful, determined man who challenges her to do what she never thought she could.
Synagogue Stamps - An Postage Tour of Synagogues by Harvey D. Wolinetz This philatelic text is also a history of the nation of Israel in exile. Synagogues, as a topic of postage stamps, began about 70 years ago with the release of Jewish National Fund labels in 1948.
A powerful love story set within the time frame of World War II when submarine sailors fought gallantly beneath unforgiving waves. n intense romantic story capturing love's endearing power connecting two young people caught within the jaws of war.
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