Having lived for several decades, older adults have a vast wealth of experience. As a consequence, there are so many things that the younger generations can learn from the boomers and other seniors. However, are we going to listen to their advice?

Let’s check out the 20 pieces of exceptional advice from different seniors that were interviewed by the Legacy Project.

  1. Do like your body is needed for 100 years

Foremost, grandparents noted that you should be more bothered about a chronic disease than death. This is because of the ability of a chronic disease to take independent living away from you and make you live without enjoying it.

The truth is that the things you do at a younger age will affect you as you become older. So, focus on living right, taking care of yourself, doing medical checkups, and staying active physically. Never abuse your body.

  1. Old age is much better than what you are thinking

According to several eLearning senior citizens, they are now happier than when they were younger. This is because they now have a better understanding and perspective of things.

  1. Celebrate all your successes

When you have achieved something, take a break and use the opportunity to celebrate yourself.

  1. Be careful when choosing a partner

During the interview, lots of boomers mentioned their regrets. Many older adults that chose the wrong spouse and rushed into marriage felt some sort of regret. As a result of this, several of these seniors advised younger people to be careful when choosing a partner and never rush in marriage.

  1. Don’t worry about the small stuff

Many things don’t matter as much as you think they are. Therefore, don’t get worked up over the small stuff. Don’t forget that things are not responsible for your happiness, people are.

  1. Be patient

Better days are always ahead, so be patient.

  1. Experience new stuff

Don’t limit yourself to the things you already know or see. Go abroad, start new stuff, and get new experiences.

  1. Be more confident

Have more confidence that you deserve respect and love. Your younger years are only for some years, so be confident to enjoy it. Have fun smartly and safely.

  1. Choose happiness

The seniors all believe that we cannot all rely on external factors to make us happy. Hence, we need to be proactive in choosing happiness.

  1. Understand your value

Always understand your value and don’t ever settle for less.

  1. Listen to your inner self

If you want to avoid any unnecessary problems, always listen to yourself and your intuition. It works every time.

  1. Get the most out of every day

Don’t let a day go by without making the most of it.

  1. Don’t say “I wish…”

Always have self-belief and avoid saying “I wish I would have…” Don’t beat yourself over what happened yesterday or will happen tomorrow. Focus on today.

  1. Continue to grow

Prioritize your self-care and don’t ever stop learning and growing.

  1. Save for a rainy day

You must remember that a rainy day will come. Therefore, always save some parts of your money to take care of your needs during hard times.

  1. Share good time with your family

Your family forms an essential part of your life. Therefore, share a good time with them. Let them know you appreciate them now that they are around.

  1. Create a bucket list

What are those things you would like to do? Create a bucket list and write those things there. Enjoy your life to avoid regrets.

  1. Do it the hard way

Although doing it the hard way can be challenging, the results are always worth it. So, continue trying.

  1. Endeavor to listen to the older people around you

When you are still young, you should endeavor to listen to your parents, grandparents, and other older relatives and friends.

  1. Know that parenting has its time

As your children are growing up, make sure you support them. Let them know you cherish your relationship with them. Also, try to understand them.

Have you gained any new insights from these pieces of advice from older Americans?

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