There’s the caregiver crisis out there that will almost no one is talking about.

According to the California Master Policy for Aging , recently launched by the Dept. associated with , nearly five mil Californians  are unpaid loved ones caregivers, helping their mother and father, spouses, and friends who require assistance with everyday tasks to reside well in their homes plus communities. Of these, almost 1 ) 7 million are taking care of someone with Alzheimer’s Illness or another form of dementia .  

Those caregiver numbers will simply increase alongside the developing number of aging Baby Boomers plus Gen Xers. By 2030, 10. 8 million Californians will be an older adult (60+), making up one-quarter of the state’s population – and many of these individuals will need caregiving assist.

Yet, most of the time, caregivers are thrust to their situation generally with little support or even , often which makes it a frustrating and lonesome experience. This is especially true for caregivers of older adults along with dementia, as dementia can be extremely difficult to understand and get around without professional training, something which the majority of caregivers don’t have.

San Francisco’s  Institute on Getting older   is striking this lack of support head-on with  Companioa   —  the particular non-profit’s new,   first-of-its-kind  program designed to personally instruction family caregivers through the unstable complexities of  caring for an individual with dementia,   with the goal of making this a less  overwhelming  encounter .   Like the title implies, Companioa is designed to be considered a caregiver’s companion, offering the type of support a caring plus devoted friend would provide.

At the heart of Companioa is its professionally educated care coaches, who supply caregivers and their families along with personalized guidance. Each treatment coach develops a support policy for each family based on their own individual situation, meets along with families twice a month, and it is available 5 days per week, 12 hours a day, in order to answer questions, give assistance and lend a qualified, listening ear. Companioa also provides families access to its Treatment Circles – support groups that will enable families to share their own struggles and collectively write down ideas.

“We consider dementia  the  defining crisis of this era, ” said Tom Briody,   President and TOP DOG of Institute on Getting older. “Until now, there has been simply no end-to-end support program within the Bay Area to help individuals with dementia and their caregivers navigate this very difficult disease. As an innovative company, it’s Institute on Aging’s responsibility to provide that assistance. ” 

Would like to learn more about Companioa? Call the Connect Line at 415. 750. 4111 to talk with one of our specialists these days or connect through our own web site .

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