Of course, every senior wants to stay in their home for the rest of their life. However, there are several instances where this is not possible. While it may be glaring that a baby boomer needs assisted living, convincing them to move to an assisted living facility can be tasking.

So, how do you let boomers know the risks associated with independent living when they have failing health? How do you convince them to leave home and move to an assisted living facility that can help them physically and mentally? We will answer these questions below.


In general, lots of retirees and other seniors have never gone to a modern assisted living center before. Resultantly, they have a misconstrued opinion about it. Many boomers believe that the facility is for those that are almost dead. Resultantly, they are stubborn about moving to such a facility.

However, a modern assisted living facility is far from this misconception. It is a well-designed place that relieves seniors from the need to handle house chores on their own. Besides, such as a center has several trained professionals that can provide 24/7 medical assistance and lots more. Also, they are always available to cater to the nutritional and physical needs of the baby boomers.


If you are convinced that your parent needs to move to an assisted living center, here are the things you should do:

  • Introduce the idea to them subtly and let them know an assisted living facility can ease their life. By doing this, it doesn’t seem as if you are deciding for them.
  • Find out the best assisted living facilities around you and check out the places together. However, if your parent is unwilling to do so, let them be.
  • Take advantage of a teachable moment to explain why they need an assisted living arrangement. This can be when they fall without getting injured, get stressed while trying to organize the home, etc. With this, they may give it a second thought and visit the facilities with you.
  • Don’t push the idea as it may seem as if you are trying to force them out of their home.
  • Find out if a loved one is already living in a nearby modern assisted modern facility. This can convince your parent as they will find a familiar person in the facility.
  • Tour the facilities and let them enjoy the various activities available there. In other words, allow your parent to eat a nice meal, play card games, puzzle or Wii bowling with other seniors, and do other things with other older adults during the visit. This tends to introduce them to the community and encourage them to join.
  • Don’t forget to highlight the peace of mind, comfort, and other benefits that they can get from staying in an assisted living center.
  • Also, mention how the facility can help older adults forgo house chores and concentrate on things that truly matter.

Overall, you must understand that there is no compulsion in staying in an assisted living facility. Let your parent decide if and when they want to move there. Also, you can invite a loved one, spiritual leader, or doctor to support your claim about the benefits of assisted living arrangements.

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