It looks like the government and the healthcare institutions are confused about the COVID-19 pandemic. We were instructed to wear masks, and then told not to, the government wanted people to stay in their homes but then wanted them to go out and take part in economic activities. The treatment for the deadly virus has also not yet been discovered. There was a fuss about Hydroxychloroquine and remdesivir, but now that’s gone.


People are largely confused. When would this thing be completely over? Is there a chance of a vaccine being developed? What are the chances of an average American getting the disease? What are we supposed to do to safeguard seniors from this virus? Who’s at the greatest risk? All of these questions stay largely unanswered.


To get valid expert advice on the matter from a professional of the field, we’re going to quote Dr. Michael Osterholm, PhD; MPH. Dr. Osterholm is one of the top ranked experts in epidemiology and infectious diseases in the country. He has worked for Republican and Democratic presidents and is known internationally. He currently serves as Director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy. He has formerly been the Director of the Center for Disease Control (CDC).


Dr. Osterholm is the perfect man to get straight answers about COVID-19 from. He wrote a book named Deadliest Enemy in 2017. The book strangely foresees the upcoming pandemic and gives a workable strategy to fight it. Here’s the crux of what Dr. Osterholm had to see about the disease.


  • By February, coronavirus was not even one of the top 75 causes of death in the USA. And by May, it became the number 1 cause of deaths in the country. This puts it above the level of the flu pandemic of 1918.
  • Nothing can be said with sound scientific backing about the disease disappearing on its own any time soon.
  • For people aged 55 and above, obesity is the major risk factor. If you are 55 and not in great shape, you need to modify your diet and exercise routine and start managing your stress levels to keep the chances of getting the disease at the minimum level.
  • For those in their golden years, it is important to have fresh air. Caretakers need to take them to fresh air on a daily basis but do observe distancing.
  • Wearing a cloth mask does little good in preventing contact with the disease. At most, it can delay the time it would take for you to get the disease.
  • The pandemic is going to affect around 70% of the American population or 200 million Americans.
  • Without a vaccine, up to 1.6 million Americans can die in the next year.
  • The vaccine situation is not a very promising one and even if we succeed to create one, it might not provide lifelong immunity.

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