The single most annoying thing in this world is death. While we cannot prevent it, we can definitely delay it by adopting good living habits. The most important thing in our life that can extend our lives substantially is the food we eat. As the Chinese idiom says, “you are what you eat,” your health largely depends on your choice of food. We’ve compiled some food-related advice that you can follow to have a healthier and longer life.


The first step towards a diet that can help you live a decade or two above the average life expectancy is including more plant products in your diet. Decrease your animal protein intake and select greens, beans, sweet potatoes, yams, nuts, seeds, and fruits. Whole grains are also very good, especially for the seniors.

According to Walter Willet, from the Harvard School of Public Health, we don’t yet know the safe limit for consuming animal protein. He also established that people who are 30-year-old and vegetarians can live eight years more than the ones who enjoy meat on a daily basis. Research has also found out that the people who consume fruits daily have a 60% lesser chance of dying in the next four years than the ones who don’t consume fruits. The following things can be done to include more plant products in your diet:

  • Use olive oil instead of butter
  • Keep fruits on your side table
  • Make green salad an integral part of your meals
  • Keep whole grains in stock
  • Use pulses and beans as protein sources


Experts advise to reduce meat consumption to as low as twice a week. The servings should be no more than a couple of ounces when cooked. Another important thing is to source your meat from organically raised chicken and pork rather than industrially reared ones. Processed meat products like sausages, hotdogs, or luncheon meats are a big NO.

Here are some tips that can help you consume just the right amount of meat.

  • Learn the scale of two ounces. It is half a chicken breast or a piece of beef or pork that’s no more than the size of a deck of playing cards before cooking.
  • Use meat alternatives like chickpea cakes or black beans instead of meat.
  • Make a diet plan, designating 2 days for meat.
  • Avoid restaurant meat dishes as they are sourced from industrially farmed animals and are usually more than 4 ounces per serving.


Fish meat contains a lot of healthy nutrients that help the body repair itself and can be a helping factor in living long and healthy lives. Experts recommend consuming 3 ounces of fish every day to maintain a healthy body. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Get an idea of how much 3 ounces of Fish are.
  • Go for mid-chain fish such as snapper, trout, sardines, grouper, and anchovies.
  • Avoid using farmed fish as they are fed high doses of antibiotics and other things that you don’t want to be on your food.


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