Our culture is becoming increasingly digital. In the age of COVID-19, technology has helped keep us connected when being together hasn’t been safe or advisable. Unfortunately, many seniors feel out of the loop when it comes to technology, and this can result in a disconnect from loved ones. Social isolation from family and friends is a major risk factor for depression, anxiety, and a host of physical ailments.

Seniors who feel as though they do not have the skills to embrace technology have options. ELearning for Seniors, for instance, is a great way to learn how to use various types of technology with a supportive community of peers and instructors.

Devices for Seniors to Stay Connected

Technology has enabled us to stay connected with loved ones in many fun and unique ways. While nothing can replace face-to-face gatherings, technology can help bridge the gap when getting together is impossible. There are a multitude of devices one can use to stay connected with loved ones, such as laptops, tablets, and . With a diverse range of tech on the market, you can easily stay within your budget and access devices that meet your purposes.

When shopping for technology, consider how you want to use a device prior to making the purchase. Do you plan on using the internet often, accessing emails, or reading ebooks? Consider your need for digital storage space. For a smartphone or iPad, you may find the additional space useful for taking and storing photos and . Portables (or devices that you carry around, like tablets or phones) should have protective cases to prevent damage, like cracked screens when dropped. Once you have your tech, there are countless apps and programs you can use to stay connected to friends and family.

Fun Apps for Senior Connections

There are apps for every interest and purpose — for instance, connecting with loved ones and sharing your life through video chat, email, and . Video conferencing apps like Zoom and Meet are popular and user-friendly. The best thing about video conferencing is seeing the faces of loved ones. There are also other fun aspects of video chats: You can have meals together, play games, or, if you are using Messenger, have fun playing around with filters.

Speaking of Facebook, social apps like it can be great for catching up with old friends and new ones, along with your loved ones and their . There is truly no end to the connections you can make using tech devices. But if you feel overwhelmed with the endless options and rabbit holes that one can be drawn into online, it may help to start with some simple, user-friendly sites until you get used to being on the internet. It is also important to consider how to stay safe from online predators.

Staying Safe and Starting Simple

Beware of pop-ups: Most are harmless advertisements for products or services, but many are scammers trying to find ways to swindle you and steal your information or identity. Make sure you have updated virus protection and anti-malware programs. If you feel you have been scammed, contact an advocate to support you and protect your assets from being targeted.

Seniors who are overwhelmed by the journey into tech may wish to start with a few websites to get acclimated to the process of surfing the web. You can safely enjoy the web and build your skills on sites like Elearning for Seniors, so check it out today! This resource can make your online learning fun and easy. Before long you will be able to connect online with loved ones across the globe.

Image link: https://pixabay.com/photos/laptop-autumn-internet-bench-4551026/  Image : Pixabay.com

Guest Article by Tina Martin

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