Whether you are in charge of catering to the need of your grandchildren full-time or you only see them once in a while, being a grandparent can be an awesome experience. Nevertheless, there are certain things you will come across that they may look strange to you. And this is why it is often crucial to learn what it takes to be a better grandparent.

Don’t get worked up over becoming a better grandparent because this article has covered everything you need to know about this subject. So, continue reading to learn to be a better grandparent.

Roles of a grandparent in the family

Whether you are a grandmother or grandfather, you must understand that you have some pivotal roles to play in the lives of your grandchildren. If you stay with or close to the grandchildren, some of the important roles you may be performing in the lives of the little ones include:

  • Caregiver
  • Teacher
  • A reliable source of family values and history
  • Mentor
  • Playmate

Although you need to perform your role well, you should not let the pressure of being a grandparent get to you. You must always remember that there is no thumb rule for how to be a better grandparent. However, you need to be mindful of the things you do to ensure that the kids are healthy and happy.

Furthermore, you need to be aware of grandparent rivalry, jealousy, and other factors that may affect the good relationship you are trying to build with your grandchildren. Besides, if you have more than one grandchild, you need to avoid playing favorites. In other words, treat all your grandchildren equally without giving room to favoritism.

How to be a better grandparent when you stay far away from your grandchildren

Because of work, schools, and several other reasons, your grandchildren may live far away from you. However, if you want to stay active in their lives, you can still do so as long as you are willing to take some important steps.


  • Communicate regularly


Communication is key to being a better grandparent. Thankfully, technology has made communication between grandparents and grandchildren easier than ever before. You can now use text, phone calls, mails, email, Skype, and other video calling platforms to connect with them. Also, you should endeavor to visit them in person from time to time, depending on how possible it is.


  • Keep the memory fresh


Another important way to make them stay active in your life is by getting a picture collage that contains your family photos. Whenever you see such a collage in your bedroom or living room, you will remember them and smile. Similarly, you can send them gifts regularly to make them cherish the memory of their grandparent.

Handling the changes in the role of a grandparent as the grandchildren get older

Sometimes, it can be overwhelming when you realize that the little kid of some years ago is now a teenager. Sadly, the teen years usually come with the desire to explore and be rebellious. This can affect your relationship with your grandchildren. However, if you grow with the grandchildren and let them understand that they can always count on, the relationship between you will still be smooth.

Additionally, the roles may be reversed at a stage as the grandchildren become the ones to take care of you. Overall, be prepared for all these changes and enjoy an excellent relationship with your grandchildren.

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