Smartphones and social media have done a fantastic job of bringing people together. People in general and seniors, in particular, are more connected than ever. They can interact with and stay connected with friends and family. A recent study has found out boomers who have strong connections with friends and family have a better life than those who don’t stay connected. However, social media is not the only way to stay connected with people. Here are some examples of activities that boomers can consider to be in touch with others around them.


Seniors can volunteer for a lot of things regardless of even their physical state of fitness. The people who are physically fit and active can volunteer for services like Habitat for Humanity. They can also dedicate their time and energy to clean up hiking trails and other picnic spots clean. This will not only be great for the environment but will also make it easy for seniors to socialize and make new bonds.

The seniors who are not physically very active can volunteer for local library information desks or can help families choose food items at pantries.

Religious Activities

You can start with finding people in your neighborhood who have the same religious values. To take things a step further, you can start visiting places of worship where you can find seniors who share your religious beliefs. Some places of worship also arrange day trips and other activities that can be a good way to make new friends.

Go Back To College

Yeah, we know you can’t afford another student loan after all those years. Some community colleges have specially designed courses meant for seniors. These courses focus on skills like ceramic design, gardening, culinary arts, painting, and more. Not only can you acquire some great skills through these courses you can also get to meet some new people and make new connections and friends.

Senior Dating Sites

There are numerous dating sites intended for people above the age of 50. One fine example is Our Time. You can use these sites to find someone. Even if you are not looking forward to dating someone, you can make friends and spend quality time with people of your age who share your interests.

Go On A Senior Trip

If you happen to be an adventurous soul, this can be the best option for you to meet new people. There are companies that arrange specialized trips for people of ages 55 and more. You can go for such a trip, enjoy your time and make some friends who share your passion for exploring the world.

Senior Meetup Groups is an emerging social media group mainly focused on making groups of like-minded people. You can join a group of seniors and find people who match your taste. You can do a lot with someone who has the same taste for beer as you or likes their steak exactly the way you need it to be.

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