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A Happy Pocket Full of Money is a MUST read for anyone who is sick and tired of struggling with personal finance problems. The rare insights in this book will have you looking at creation from a refreshing and freeing new stand point from the very first page. All around awesome book David!!! – Jamie Briggs

Master The Science And Spirituality Of Abundance And Wealth Quickly And Deeply In This Comprehensive Course

In a day and age when most people look at the of Attraction stuff as a lot of smoke and mirrors, David details the science of this universal law (and others) and how to employ them to your own best benefit. This is the book that inspired Bob Doyle, of the movie, The Secret to follow his own passions. Additionally, as I understand it, David was an adviser on the movie itself. This is A MUST READ book if you are serious about employing universal laws as well as using scientific and practical methods to change your life. – Laurie J. Brenner

Warning: this book is heavy duty stuff. It will blow your mind into little bitty pieces, but will also slowly reassemble it back much better than before. This is the best book I’ve ever read, period. It is life changing, if you allow it to be. If you have a hard time getting on board with organized religion (like me), and you need science to “prove it” to you, you really should read this book. It will fill in all the gaps.- Charles R. Robinson

I absolutely LOVED this book! No other book has explained “Wealth Consciousness” better than this book. We all know the basics of The Law of Attraction/Law of the Universe, but this book explains exactly, in detail, how it works and why it works. This book tells you exactly WHAT to do, and HOW to do things to maximize your wealth consciousness. What’s great is that you can use this book for not only wealth, but for anything in life! Thank you so much for writing this book, I am so grateful that I came across this amazing book. Thank You! – R. Rahman

I have read many books on how to change your wealth mindset, but this book just spoke to me in a way the others didn’t. Rather than taking an overly intellectual perspective on wealth building or a “woo woo” new age approach, this book falls somewhere in the middle and really does speak to your heart. – Ashton Proctor

Word cannot describe how brilliant this book is! … I have been a student of LOA and metaphysics for over 6 years and have read about every book written (Hick’s, Catherine Ponder, Ernest Holmes, Joseph Murphy, Proctor, Vitale, J. A. Ray, Michael Losier, Canfield, to name a few) and this book covers EVERYTHING! I cannot describe how eloquent and proper the author writes, the wording and language used sounds as if he was being channeled by the “Oh-mighty” one himself…. “Happy Pocket” starts from how the monetary system works then explains Quantum Physics in a very understandable way, covers LOA that takes all the authors books I mentioned above all intertwined into this book, how to think and speak, much more than able to write, and finally ending with investing information. – Brian E. Davis

For those of you who cringe when you hear the words, Quantum Physics, fear no more. This book explains these principles in easy to understand language that you will resonate with. After reading this book I was able to re-assess my relationship with abundance and prosperity, with a deeper understanding of what abundance truly represents. This is what makes this book so life-changing; its ability to teach us how to create a deeper relationship with self and the universe. From here flows everything else. – Victoria C. Depaul

I have never come across a book where each word cannot probably be appreciated as it should and that, is no joke! … I am still amazed on the total composition… It’s love, vibrations, energy, feelings, intuition, thought, duality, faith and many other concepts blended into a very phenomenal little book. …Your book however is so much more than ‘happy’ and ‘money’. And, I’m so glad I have found that out… David, you have captured the meaning of LIFE, but more importantly, you have explained it in such a way where it can be understood by people of almost any faith. It explains the soul/spirit/intellect that we are a part of and provides an understanding of why we are an appendage to a fulfilling web woven from love and to the benefit of others as well as ourselves. It encourages you to listen rather than ignore and process at a level beyond what we understand today. This process then allows us to act and speak with mindfulness that moves the continuum forward. – Michael V. Novinski

What’s The Fuss All About?

This little book, upon which this course is based on, so impressed Rhonda Byrne that she asked the author, David, to be the Creative Consultant on the hit movie The Secret. This book is a best-seller on amazon, scoring almost 5/5 stars from dozens upon dozens of reviewers. It has helped tens of thousands of people live and experience a life of abundance and liberation around the world.

So, you might ask, “What’s the fuss all about?”

Well, there are several reasons people seem to like it:

  • It’s practical
  • It’s simple
  • It’s based on Science and Spirituality in a very unique and understandable way
  • It has been proven to work
  • Students who take it end up feeling better instantly and start to create tangible positive changes and experiences in their lives, instantly

Content And Overview

Your Quantum Leap into the Understanding, Having, and Enjoying of Immense Wealth and Happiness

The first step to having wealth is to know what it is. And few people know what it really is, in and of itself. What is wealth? What causes it? What causes the cause of it? Let us start with money, the world’s symbol of wealth, and then move deeper.

Money is not real.

Money is merely tender, a form of exchange. We use it to exchange value. It represents value.

Money is the “body” of value. It is the physical representation of value that rises and falls in ourselves, within us. Not within “things” outside of us, but within us. For without us, what can the value of a thing, such as a car, be to us? Nothing, at least not to us. In other words, it is we, the observers, that place value in things, but this value is really value in us—we give value to the material things. The material things have no “money” value in themselves—we give that to them. So money is the external physical representation of a particular section of our internal value, within us, within you. That is why a house or a block of shares valued at $1 million today can fall to a valuation of half a million dollars tomorrow when fear is introduced into the hearts of those involved. The fear kills a portion of the internal values of the participants, and that is reflected by the paper money, the “body” of value.

Here is something else: physical paper money does not even represent money in full. It cannot reasonably do that. By some estimates (and this varies from nation to nation), only as little as 4 percent of the money in the banks exists as paper . Imagine how much cotton, linen, pulp, and metal the world would need so as to make all the money everyone has in his or her bank accounts. Imagine how much space it would take to store all this money in paper form.

If you were to stack only one million US$1 bills, it would weigh one ton and be 361 feet high. Neither does money exist as gold reserves anymore. This is for exactly the same reason – we ran out of the reasonable ability to keep a gold standard in the 1970s.

So what does it exist as, the money that we are always talking about? Well, it is one massive illusion…

Who this course is for:
  • This course IS for you if you can appreciate that there is more to life than meets the eye
  • This course IS for you if you have been searching for the “missing link” in other Law of Attraction materials you have come across
  • This course IS for you if you appreciate a melding of spirituality and science and how it applies practically to your life today

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