Adobe Experience Manager Basics course is a very high level overview of some of AEM’s features focused mostly on helping you understand them at a very high level so you can start increasing your knowledge in future more specific AEM courses.

This particular AEM course covers the following:

  • What is AEM (a System or CMS by Adobe in which you can create websites similar to  Drupal, WordPress or other CMSs – I spoiled the surprise I know).
  • How to install an author and a publish instance.
  • How to edit pages using the the classic and the touch UI.
  • Some authoring modes like edit, design and preview.
  • What are components, templates, clientlibs, etc.
  • And a simple project for you to apply some of the concepts seen in the course

At the end of this course you will have a better understanding of what AEM is when to look for certain things like pages, components and templates.

Who this course is for:
  • This course is for software programmers that would like to learn to create sites using AEM
  • People just starting using Adobe Experience Manager
  • Web developers learning about Adobe's System (CMS)

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