Angels and Chakras  – The Lower Chakras is open to everyone ready for real improvement in their personal and spiritual life. I will guide and support you through every step of effective Chakra cleansing, clearing and balancing with the incredible, powerful and focused energy of the Angels.

This is a grass roots up, hands on and practical course. It goes right into the core of the personal issues and behaviours, which block up your Chakras and play out in your life in repeating cycles.

Angels and Chakras – The Lower Chakras will break you out of frustrating behaviour patterns and feelings of being stuck and held back.

Blocked Chakras will negatively influence everything from your job prospects to your love life; they can make weight loss impossible and financial abundance a daily struggle.

When your Chakras are blocked, you feel stuck in your life. Life feels like walking through thick treacle. Blocked Chakras make everything harder that it needs to be. Blocked Chakras make everything feel so slow, so difficult and they make progress in life extremely challenging.

Your Chakras are vehicles of manifestation and feed the energy of your thoughts, dictate your behaviour, attract your relationships, create your expectations and constantly send a message to the Universe.

Angels and Chakras  – The Lower Chakras shines a powerful healing light into the very core of your first 4 Chakras.

With a highly effective blend of practical and personal methods and , you will discover exactly what is blocking your 4 Lower Chakras and exactly how easy it is to let it go.

I am extremely excited about Angels and Chakras – The Lower Chakras. It has already changed my life by creating it and sharing it with you and for that I am forever grateful.

I hope to have the opportunity to support and guide you into beautiful cleansed, cleared and balanced Chakras and into the abundant, positive and exciting life you will attract as a direct result.


In Angels and Chakras – The Lower Chakras you will:

·       Identify the personal issues and fears which block your Lower Chakras.

·       Discover the trapped energy in each of your Lower Chakras.

·       Learn exactly what your Chakras are and what they do.

·       Discover how Angels can cleanse, clear and balance your Chakras.

·       Learn exactly how your Lower Chakras influence your life.

·       Identify your personal Lower Chakras blocks.

·       Discover exactly how much of your 4 Lower Chakras are blocked.

·       Invoke 4 Archangels and allow them to heal you.

·       Release trapped, negative and blocked energy from your Chakras.

·       Enjoy personal Archangel guidance in Oracle Card exercises.

·       Benefit from 4 Cleansing, Clearing and Balancing Chakra Healing Visualisations.

·       Enjoy 2 Complete Chakra Cleansing, Clearing and Balancing Healing Visualisations.

·       Discover how to identify someone with perfectly cleansed Chakras.

·       Cleanse, Clear, Balance and Heal your 4 Lower Chakras.

·       See positive changes and improvements in all areas of your personal and spiritual life.


I can’t wait to see you achieve the incredible, real life results I know are waiting for you inside this course.

I hope very much to welcome you inside.


With love always,


Ros xxx

Who this course is for:
  • Angels and Chakras – Lower Chakras is open to everyone.
  • If you want beautifully cleansed, cleared and balanced Chakras healed with Angelic energy
  • Those wanting real life improvements in every single area of their personal and spiritual life.

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