Bioenergetics, as developed by Alexander Lowen, is the instruction manual to how you work.  Finding out how your subconscious mind has been influenced by developmental trauma you can start to work with the foundations, the cause, or origin of what you experience as difficulties in your present everyday life. 

This means that you do not need to fight the many consequences of an inner misalignment but can actually work on re-aligning the basics and all the problematic areas will realign as the base realigns.  So, for instance, you do not need a separate strategy for trying to lose weight, another for learning to take on less responsibilities, another for dealing with demanding relatives, yet another for feeling overwhelmed and depressed.  All of these have the same origin.  Working with the basic separation you automatically work with all these areas.

Understanding how you and others work makes it possible to create more harmonious relationships.

Learning the mechanics of how you work also frees you up from identifying with them.  Mechanics are not your essence.  Seeing how you work you get the choice of not reacting automatically but creating consciously.  You now become free to let your inner creativity flow effortlessly, not through automated processes decided in childhood.

Stopping to identify with defence mechanisms we open up to greater spiritual growth.

The basics of Bioenergetics is essential knowledge for anyone interested in self-improvement, improved relationships with others as well as spiritual growth.

Some skills you will learn:

  • Read people,

  • Interact in efficient ways they can relate to,

  • Recognise when you are blinded by past traumas,

  • Know how to transform negative experiences you create due to past trauma so that you are able to be in the present – here and now,

  • No longer identify with self defence mechanisms,

  • Allow for the realisation of your highest potential:  By opening up to your true essence and being yourself (not your defence mechanisms) and thus allowing your creativity to flow.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone interested in learning to understand themselves and attaining internal freedom.
  • People working on improving human interactions.
  • Psychologists.

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