Hello, current/aspiring flat-picking Bluegrass guitarist. Consider the following:

  • Have you ever been stuck in your guitar playing progress?

  • Do you wish you could just get out of the musical rut you’re in?

  • Are you ready to take on the next level of mastering the fretboard?

Then Bluegrass Guitarpeggios by Eric Beaty is here to help.

In this all new, full-length, 40+ lecture course—the second Bluegrass Guitar course by Eric—you’ll learn everything he knows about how to incorporate arpeggios to take your playing to new heights.

Eric covers such concepts as:

  • The Definition and Application of Arpeggios

  • How to Incorporate Arpeggios into your Bluegrass Flat-Picking solos

  • Using the CAGED Method to create Arpeggios

  • How to use Octave Arpeggio Shapes for better Fretboard Memorization

  • How to Easily Connect Arpeggio Shapes for faster Fretboard Navigation

  • Various Exercises for Practicing Arpeggios for developing Muscle Memory

  • How legendary Bluegrass players such as Tony Rice use arpeggios in their own real- songs

  • First-hand examples of Using Arpeggios in Popular Bluegrass Fiddle Tunes

Materials and included in this course:

  • Over 40 High Quality, 1080p mp4 lectures (stream or download at your leisure)

  • Various Fretboard Diagrams for better visualization and understanding of arpeggios

  • Links to helpful resources such as Free Bluegrass Backing Tracks for use in practicing arpeggios

  • Links to example videos further explaining the concepts covered in the lectures

  • Tablature PDF files of various arpeggios, licks, and solos. (Also includes Guitar Pro 7 files for those who wish to make the most of their learning experience.)

  • mp3 files of Tablature examples for a better understanding of various arpeggio concepts

  • All this and more!

Important note from the author: If you’re more of a beginner Bluegrass guitarist, I highly recommend checking out my previous “webisode” courses, Bluegrass Guitar Essentials (BGE), here on Udemy before diving into Bluegrass Guitarpeggios, which is targeted toward more Intermediate/Advanced players. If, however, you already own BGE, I recommend brushing up on some of the concepts it presents before tackling those presented in this course. – Eric

Who this course is for:
  • Intermediate/Advanced acoustic guitar players
  • Players who are stuck in their current playing rut but wish to Expand their Knowledge of the Fretboard
  • Players who like to Jam with other Musicians at Bluegrass Festivals, in a Band, or with Friends
  • Anyone wishing to Move Beyond Beginning Bluegrass Guitar Techniques
  • Players with an Interest in Tony Rice, Bryan Sutton, David Grier, Kenny Smith, and other Bluegrass Guitar Virtuosos

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