How could you try out a job for an infinite amount of time.    Some take courses in for a determined time limit of 2 years, 4 years, or more but still feel that they have not found their calling.  What if you could take a course that allows you to grow with the course?  What if a course could teach you current issues and not just stale information? This course allows you to experience the jobs of principal, teacher, and school librarian.  You could experience these three positions through a case study that continues to grow and change according to what is happening in the United States’ educational system.  Depending on what you and your classmates have determined about the case study, your course could go through some exciting adventures that could help you see how you could have the power to prepare future leaders to run our nation?   The principal, teacher, and school librarian (library media specialist) are at the core of the learning process of students at all educational levels.  Enroll in this course to experience the educational field like you have never before with no time limit.  This course will last the life of the .  The price is low so try today. 

Source for case study can be found in the book called  Information Technology Managed by the Library Media Specialist: A Pictorial Case Study, by Lorette S.J. Weldon, EdD available through .

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to be able to manage information using current technology.
  • Any level of Library Media Specialists, School Librarians, Librarians, Information Professionals, and Researchers should take this course.

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