Let me guess what brings you here: you have an idea, and you need an investment for a startup company. Or you work for a large company and want to get budget for your new project. Or you want to start a small business and you need a small business loan from the bank. You are here because you are afraid to fail when you present your business plan. Most people do.

Am I close?

If so–you came to the right place.

I founded several startup companies, wrote many business plans that raised tens of millions of dollars in investments, and got projects funded in large companies. I sold a company, and even bought a company. I wrote books about it, and taught this in universities.

But more important, I am an investor, and was part of several angel investor networks from Silicon Valley to Texas and Israel, where I made personal investments in startups. I also evaluated business plans for the State of Texas, and the State of Israel, and made project funding decisions in large and public companies.

As such, I only have a few minutes to snap-judge a business plan that comes across my desk. I will share with you what makes me (and other investors) stop, and decide whether to invest in a new business or not.

In this course you will learn the four rules of a successful business plan:

  1. Create something fundamentally different,
  2. Find the unique value to a specific market segment,
  3. Establish and maintain competitive advantage, and-
  4. Calculate the return on investment for your customer, your company, and your investor.

I will teach you how to assess your business, create the business plan, and present it to investors. I will do that with:

  • 33 lectures (over 4 hours);
  • 22 worksheets that will allow you to build your own business plan, step by step;
  • 6 quizzes that will help you internalize the content;
  • Personal examples; and-
  • An Israeli accent…

At the end of this course, you will have an inside track on how investors and budget managers think, what are they looking for in a business plan, and what will make them invest in you!

I will teach you what I know now, but wish I knew when I created and presented my first business plan.

Are you ready to learn this? Enroll in this class, or try the free preview. Now, let’s get you funded!

Who this course is for:
  • Entrepreneurs seeking to start a new business and want to create a pragmatic business plan for it
  • Entrepreneurs looking for a bank or SBA loan for a small business
  • Entrepreneurs seeking private or institutional investment for a new startup company
  • Intrapreneurs, employees inside a large, established companies who seek resources allocated to a new internal project

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