This course includes:

  • Videos covering each Economics reading (downloadable)

  • Downloadable Powerpoint slides (in PDF format)

  • 97 Economics practice questions with detailed answers (PDF files)

In this course, Professor James Forjan teaches you all of the Economics readings from the CFA level 1 curriculum. James Forjan has over 25 years of experience teaching undergraduate and graduate students in universities across the world. For a number of decades, James has created a number of CFA practice questions, mock exams, video lessons and much more for all levels of the CFA Program.

This course also includes 97 Economics practice questions in PDF format from AnalystPrep’s mock exams. The answers file includes detailed explanations and the referring LOS. Learn from the #1 rated CFA & FRM preparation institution − AnalystPrep.

The readings covered in this course are:

  • Reading 12 – Topics in Demand and Supply Analysis

  • Reading 13 – The Firm and Market Structures

  • Reading 14 – Aggregate Output, Prices, And Economic Growth

  • Reading 15 – Understanding Business Cycles

  • Reading 16 – Monetary and Fiscal Policy

  • Reading 17 – International Trade and Capital Flows

  • Reading 18 – Currency Exchange Rates

Who this course is for:
  • CFA Level 1 Candidates

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