This course offers a very broad understanding on Market, various market sectors. It helps you decide whether trading market indices is better or individual stocks are better for specific trading style.

  • Various Market Internals to understand big moves ahead

  • Major Indices vs Individual Stocks

  • Market Sectors

  • Relative Strength of the stock versus sector or Index

  • Volatility products, VIX, VXN 

Screeners and scanners will help use a study or technical indicator and run it across 1000s of stocks for certain criteria and so they are very helpful in finding the stocks that you like to trade

  • Stock screeners

  • Crossover based scanners

  • Study based scanners

  • Scanners stored as watchlists

  • Earnings and Hedging

Who this course is for:
  • Stock Traders, Investors, Technical Analysts

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