Got a lot on your plate? Juggling lots of different things? Don’t know which way to turn? Not enough energy to do it all? Did you know that clairvoyance is all about energy?

In fact, clairvoyance and energy go together very well. And managing your energy has so many benefits. Do you want to learn how to find more energy? More time? To learn to be more productive? How about having more perspective on things in general? And wanting to make better decisions in your life in general? This course will show you how you can get a kick-start on all of these!

How? By developing clairvoyant abilities! Clairvoyance is one of the “clair-abilities” that have been passed down from antiquity through the centuries to us, and they are related to the human energy field. That field encompasses your chakras and your aura, and it articulates with the universal energy field. And the chakras, especially the third eye chakra (sometimes referred to as the brow chakra) are the spinning wheels of energy that house human energy, receiving it and disseminating it. Many parts of the bodymind, including the clair-abilities, are often associated with the various chakras. Most of these are beyond the scope of this course, though some will necessarily be touched upon here, as we focus our attention on how to develop clairvoyance. For this, we will focus on the third eye chakra, the sixth of the seven major chakras that are often identified as being at the core of the human energy system. Chakra 6, then, is a very rich source for our course – a mother-lode!

This course, designed for beginners and also for others who wish to review the basics, lays out a step-by-step path for students who wish to develop clairvoyant abilities. It’s a journey, and now it’s here for you! From initial definitions, through essentials (such as breathing techniques, positions, grounding, and mantras and mudras), to bathing in the indigo energy of the third eye chakra, this course is all about teaching students how to develop their abilities to access these wonders of the human energy field. A bonus section teaches students a more advanced method of further developing their clairvoyance.

What will you be taught in this course? Well, to start, you will get a Self-Assessment Tool to help you identify some signs of third eye chakra activation. You will be encouraged to use this tool throughout the course and afterwards, in order to track your progress – easy to do, since you will have life-time access to this course.

Here’s an overview – a sneak peek – of what you will be taught in this course, all designed to enhance your third eye chakra clairvoyant abilities and to help you progress as you work towards developing these abilities.

o Guided Meditation Videos for Grounding, Accessing and Opening Your Third Eye Chakra, and Developing Third Eye Chakra Abilities

o Breathing techniques

o Meditation positions

o Mantras, including the seed sound of the third eye chakra

o Mudras (hand positions)

o Bathing in chakra energy, including the indigo energy of the third eye chakra

o A bonus Advanced Guided Meditation to help you further develop these abilities

o A personalized initial and on-going “Third Eye Chakra Self-Assessment Tool”

o A “Clairvoyant’s Path to Purpose” case study designed to enhance your third eye chakra abilities, and to help you progress in this course

o Teaching on the mystical gaze, its relationship to clairvoyance and third eye seeing, and how to develop these

o “Three Views of the Moon” story

o An understanding of what is often referred to as “the mystical gaze”, along with its relationship to clairvoyance and third eye seeing

o How to work towards developing these, step-by-step, in this course

o Several tools to help you learn, including experiencing Gratitude

o Identify seven major chakras generally, the third eye chakra in particular, and understand the importance of grounding

o The spectrum of clairvoyant activations

o Chakras in general, and the importance of being grounded

o Clair-abilities, including a brief mention of some other “clairs” that people may experience

o Breathing techniques and brain wave changes

o Know how to ground yourself, to become centered, in any situation you encounter

o Guided meditation on how to “breathe yourself down”, and the advantage of knowing this for any stressful situation you may encounter

o Grounding as the first step, and “pranayama” (breathing techniques) as integral to this

o Understand and use one technique for accessing and opening your third eye

o Guided meditation to access and open the third eye

o The critical nature of both Attention and Intention

o Know how to develop third eye seeing, while ensuring you are grounded as you do so

o Guided indigo meditation to develop third eye seeing

o The importance of experiencing gratitude, revisited

o Guiding energy through the chakras, releasing negative blocks in the process, and returning to your resting state afterwards

o Realize what to do in order to further develop clairvoyance

o “Three Views of the Moon” story, revisited

o The importance of continuing to develop these techniques

o Understand a more advanced method of further developing clairvoyance

o An introduction to an advanced way of further developing clairvoyance

So, get ready to work with your chakras and especially your 6th chakra! One definition of clairvoyance is to “see clearly”. Click the link to enroll now and find out what you can do TODAY to begin to develop the clair-ability to see clearly.

Who this course is for:
  • People interested in exploring clairvoyance, and in how to develop their inner vision and intuition, either beginners or others who wish to review the basics

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