In this comprehensive course for beginners, instructor Alan Thorn explores how to get started at C# Programming by making games using the Unity engine. In just a few hours, you’ll learn the fundamentals of programming for designing and building games easily with professional-grade development tools; no previous required. Design levels, define behaviours and create playable experiences that are fun for everybody as you learn the C# language, step by step. This course explores programming fundamentals, such as variables, functions, conditional statements, loops, components and classes. Plus, we’ll see more advanced features too: including coroutines, inheritance, , statics and singeltons.

During this course, we’ll create a completely playable shooter game including object physics, NPC intelligence, post-processing camera effects; particle systems, weapon systems and lot’s more. By the end, you’ll be strongly positioned to create interesting games independently using C#, and you’ll be ready to tackle more advanced challenges that push your knowledge to the next level. This is the place for all aspiring game developers to get started with confidence!

More about the Instructor:

Alan Thorn is a multidisciplinary game developer, author and educator with 17 years industry experience. He makes games for PC desktop, and VR. He founded ‘Wax Lyrical Games’​ and created the award-winning game ‘Baron Wittard: Nemesis of Ragnarok’​, working as designer, programmer and artist. He has written twenty-three technical books on game development and presented eighteen -training courses. These cover game-play programming, Unity development, 3D modelling, animation and more. Additionally, Alan has worked in game development education as a Senior Lecturer at Teesside University, a Visiting Lecturer at London South Bank University, and a Lead Teacher for Uppingham School. He is currently Head of Department for the internationally-renowned Masters Degree of Games Design and Development at the National and Television School.

Who this course is for:
  • Students and Indie Developers
  • Hobbyists or those with a General Interest in learning C# or making games

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