This course is going to take you on a creative journey. It is inviting you to discover, what creativity can give us and how it can improve our life, and how it can help if you are stuck somewhere, to discover your strengths and find your weaknesses. The course is challenging common thinking, that creativity is somehow disconnected from life and is to be learned like foreign language. Also the idea of the creativity being just reserved for artists and other creative professionals in their work is being challenged.

Talking about the form, this course consists of fun and very easy to execute exercises, that are being presented in light and playful way. To do these exercises, students do not need any artist skills and any special equipment, just sometimes they are asked to use some objects that are usually found at every household. First, students are invited to do exercises, and afterwards they are presented with explanations on how to interpret the outcome. In some cases students are left with some practical and nice objects, that could be used in the future.

Finally, this course is all about joy and fun creativity can give you, and hopefully its going to help you feel better.

Course contains:

Some theory and explanation on how the creativity works

Detailed instructions of exercises in variety of creative fields

Explanation of exercises

Tips to continue creative life

Who this course is for:
  • My course is suitable for every curious person.
  • My course is especially useful for people who feel stuck in life, who look for new ways to live, for new answers.
  • My course can be helful for students, who had certain traumatic experience and they are looking forward to restarting their life anew.

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