Course Updates

Jan 2019  :    Added videos related to Shell Scripting.

Apr 2019 :    Updated Setup Instructions, Now you can setup MySQL DB + Workbench, Also setup a sample DB for practice

Jul 2019   :    Updated Select query videos with better voice quality

Oct 2019 :     Added Sample questions for practice

Expected in Dec 2019 :   Update Unix videos with better voice quality


SQL & Unix for Software Testers

This course is specially designed for Software Testing professionals, This will take students from basic level to advance in decent pace videos.

Here we will cover SQL queries and Unix commands which we can use in daily QA activities and also we have covered many interview question which are asked in interviews.


1.  Basic Select Operations

2.  Table Operations (DDL)

3.   Delete data from table

4.   Constraints

5.   Interview Questions

In today’s competitive environment, companies need software testers who are having database as well as Unix/Linux knowledge, this course going to make you ready to perform basic to advance level backend QA activities.


1.  Need of Unix in Software Testing

2.  Check Logs

3.  Perform basic operations by command

4.  Interview Questions

5.  Shell Scripting

This course if very useful for professional who are looking opportunities in Manual and Automation Testing.

Who this course is for:
  • “Unix for Testers” is specially meant for software testers who are not familiar with Unix/ Linux, it will take you to basic to advance level of concepts
  • “SQL for Testers” course is meant for newbies who are not familiar with SQL, it will take you to basic to advance level of concepts

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