Trucking is one of the most regulated industries in the country, and a much more complex business than many people realize when they first get into it. Unlike other regulated professions like real estate, insurance, law, accounting etc. which all have education and testing requirements before you can begin operating such a regulated business – trucking has no such preliminary requirements.

Virtually anyone who can fill out a few forms, or pay a third party service to do it for them, and then pay the filing fees can start a trucking company. It is not complicated or hard to do.

Regardless of whether a new motor carrier (trucking company) understands it or not – they are immediately and fully under all of the applicable regulations that cover virtually every aspect of their business. These regulations are a maze of complex, and often changing regulations, rules and procedures that contain subtle almost hidden requirements that carry heavy fines, penalties and other liabilities in the event they are violated, whether intentionally or not.

The key to reducing your chances of having problems, getting fined and even possibly losing your authority to operate and being forced off the road – and probably out of business as a result – is to take the time and effort to become familiar with the requirements BEFORE you start operating your new trucking business.

This course is designed and intended to give you an INTRODUCTION to and make you aware of key regulations, overall risk management practices and procedures and of what management control systems are as well as how to use them effectively. 


To properly cover it all in detail to the level needed would make this a massive course, and is beyond our scope and purpose here. Having said  that, it will help give you a far better understanding of what you are going to need to be aware of, and how to begin preparing to meet regulatory requirements. In the course I will tell you how you can get additional resources and much more in-depth information when you want it too.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who is planning to start a trucking business or work as a manager within any trucking company will benefit from this information.

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