What Is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is a method of restoring the harmonious flow of subtle energy in your body.

Modalities like reiki and Polarity therapy are positive albeit pricey methods of restoring the flow of subtle energy to your chakras or bio-field.

But There Are Other Ways  

  • Some methods requires you to contact angles and work with crystals.

  • Some methods teach you how to attune each chakra one by one.

  • Some use theta healing or pranic healing.

And the then there are modalities that requires initiations. Although they call it attunements. (Think Reiki Certification 1, 2 and Master level) Those are initiations no matter how they try to re-word it.  

But All These Paths Have One Thing In Common

You have to go inside your mind and activate some part of your energy body. Sounds easy enough but this is where most people fail. And the reason why is simple.

The Modern World is Hell Bent on keeping you distracted, stressed, tired and sick.  Our society doesn’t play fair but that’s ok.

Neither Do We…      

So what you’re going to need is a direct connection to the living energy inside of you. Because if you can tap into that living energy it will be both your guide and power to change. And that’s what this course is going to show you how to do.  

But Who Am I? And Why Should You Trust What Your Reading?

My name is Jayson Wiggins and I’ve been a practicing Reiki Master since 2014 but I don’t use Reiki except in name only. Because back in 2014 the woman who would attune me said to me

“Why are you here there is nothing I can teach you?”

And not to pick on Reiki I got a similar response when I was taking a class on Polarity Therapy back in 2011.

“You already know what you’re doing Jayson”

But I didn’t know what I was doing. I wasn’t a natural born clairvoyant or healer or anything else.

But years before I became interested in Energy healing. I had already tripped the secret to energy work. In fact, it was sitting on my computer desk I just didn’t realize it at the time.

Instead, I Spent The Last Decade Going Down The Better Known Spiritual Paths

  • I’ve studied and learned several meditation techniques.  

  • I’ve studied Massage therapy

  • I learned Energy medicine including Polarity therapy and Reiki certification Master/Teacher

  • I’ve also practiced ceremonial magic and was initiated into several esoteric orders.

Now I’m not telling you this to impress you. But to impress upon you that I know what I’m talking about. And I know there is a faster better way to do Energy work.

So what’s the Secret? The Secret is to use 4 well-known disciplines together making a system of learning that’s quick easy, and works every single time.  And in this course, I’m going to show you that system and you will learn it in one week.

That Sounds Nice Jayson But So What  

Kindly tell me what will I (YOU) be able to do by the end of this course? (In 7 days)

  • You will know how to meditate in 7 minutes

    So you can get all the benefits of meditation in less than half the time.

  • You will know how to recharge and balance your energy in harmonic resonance.

    So you can Draw life-giving energy from the very air you breathe

  • You will know how to Construct Personal Energy Field (PEF)

    So you can protect yourself from any negative energy or people you may come into contact with. You can also expand your energy field to send love and protection to whoever, whenever you want to.

  • You will know how to Release Restore and Revitalize your bio-electrical system.

    So you can heal from past pain and draw the new energy back into you.

  • You will know how to Ask your inner intelligence about problem or situation and get the needed insight to deal with it and come out ahead.

    So no question will go unanswered and no problem will go unsolved.  

You’re also going to get the research I did into how things like subtle energy, light body activation, frequency following response, biofeedback and like actually work.

This is an E-book worth of material by itself but it’s just as important that you get a feel for the work done in this field over the last few decades.

Also In The Bonus Section You Will Find Two More Interactive Meditations.

An Energy purification exercise to charge and cleans. And the other recording takes you in and out of expanded states of consciousness like a workout for your mind.

So let’s say you do nothing else but these two meditations on a regular basis like 3 times a week. Still even with just that bare minimum your abilities as a healer will improve by orders of magnitude without question.

And we’re just talking about the Bonus Material!

Important Please Keep In Mind

This is an experienced based course. Which means that there is no theory or filler. No. This is about doing and learning by way of experience.

Because the point to all this is fueling and turning on the Starship. Also called Your light body Enregy Body ect..

And once you have tapped into that live wire of living energy. You won’t find a better source of knowledge and power anywhere else on earth.

And It’s All Yours If You Can Get To It

So Let me show you How To Do Just That. 

I feel wonderful. I played your music in my office. I laid on my floor , closed my eyes and floated away. My brain feels like it had a massage. Wow. Thank you .


If there is anything I can do to repay you for what your work has done for me please let me know. I am of modest means as I am a stay at home Mom but I am very grateful for the work you are doing.

Joy Lee,

Who this course is for:
  • You must have had some kind of experience with meditation and or energy work. Even if was a trial reiki session at a local community center. The point is that you have at least felt subtle energy in your body before.

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