This is a very practical video course aimed at beginner mobile app developers for iOS platform to help them learn how to use different Firebase services in their mobile app built with Swift programming language.

Firebase is large and is constantly growing and this video course will also be expanding with new topics. If you are interested in learning how to use a specific Firebase service with Swift, then check out the curriculum of this course to see if it is covered and if it is not covered yet, then please message the instructor of this video course to learn when the topic of your interest will be covered in this video course. 

This video course is aimed at beginner Swift developers and beginner Firebase users and does not cover advanced tips and tricks which senior iOS app developers might be looking for. But even though it is aimed at beginners and covers basics, the content of this course is sufficient enough for you to make Firebase a primary cloud backend for your mobile app and be able to build most of the must have functionality. 

You will learn and be able to use Swift and Firebase to: 

  • Implement User registration with email address and password,
  • Firebase Social Authentication with Facebook account, 
  • Implement features like Email verification and password reset,
  • Bypass sign in page if user is logged in,
  • Add push notifications support for your mobile app and learn how to send push notifications user Firebase console,
  • Send push notifications to all mobile app users or a single device,
  • Send silent push notifications which are not visible to users but allow your app to partially wake up and do some business logic in background,

You will also learn how to send push notifications to a single device using Postman HTTP client and from a terminal window using CURL

  • You will learn how to prevent use to open protected pages of your mobile app unless user has signed in and has verified their email address,
  • You will learn how to let user choose a picture from their photo library and upload this picture and store it in Firebase Storage,
  • Additionally to uploading pictures to Firebase storage you will learn how to generate a download URL to your image stored in Firebase Storage,
  • You will learn how to user FirebaseUI library to download and display images in your mobile app. And the beauty of FirebaseUI library is that it is integrated with a very popular project SDWebImage and you also get image caching support,

When your mobile app is published and is being used by users crash reporting is a must to have. In this video course you will learn how to:

  • Enable your mobile app to report crashes to Firebase and 
  • Use a very user friendly Firebase Crash Reporting tool to view app crash details and see exactly in which function and at which line of code an error in your app took place

You will also learn how to: 

  • Create your own Firebase Cloud Function and deploy it to Firebase,
  • Create Cloud Function that accepts HTTP request, reads HTTP Request Query parameters and sends back a Response, 
  • Create Cloud Function that gets triggered when user uploads their profile image and generates a thumbnail for it. 

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner mobile app developers for iOS platform
  • Beginner programmers in Swift
  • Beginners with Firebase
  • Beginner app developers interested to learn how to use different Firebase services in their Swift mobile app

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