This course covers the basics in trading the Forex market. This course Includes Detailed Training on Structure, Support and Resistance .You will learn about the Double Top and Bottom, how to identify them the right way and find them in the markets. This course is a great way to get introduced to the markets and how they move. You will learn about Harmonics and how the Harmonic pattern forms the moves of the market. This is a simple course and no former training needed. The course is broken into steps, each step has a lecture and videos that go over the lecture in detail. If you are new to the Forexmarket and you want to learn about the basics, this course will be an great first step.

Who this course is for:
  • People that are trying to make money at home
  • People that are thinking about buying a trading course
  • People that are curious about the Forexmarket
  • This course and any of our courses are NOT suited for Scammers and People that want to make money overnight ( hint : There is no such thing )

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