Learn the secret that ONLY the top %1 of Forex Traders know about Forex Trading…

In this course you will learn how to trade Forex in comprehensive and simple terms.  Guaranteed.   

You’ll discover a proven step by step system that elite traders use for identifying, engaging and executing winning trades so that you can make more money, waste less time with losing strategies and enjoy trading for a few hours per day.

Master real trading skills quickly, without over trading, with this unique Forex trading course for beginners…even if you have lost money trading Forex in the past…

What will I be able to DO after I enrolling and completing the course?  

  • CREATION of an mindset for trading so you stop unconsciously making mistakes & do things that lead to profitable trades.

  • UNCOVER what strategies actually WORKS for you & your personal style so that trading becomes easier & more enjoyable.

  • DISCOVER your Forex trade and most profitable market moves so that you waste less time analyzing & more time trading.

  • ESTABLISH a rock solid analysis process so you can consistently execute trades and always know what to do next when live.

  • TRADING the way you are naturally wired, so you encounter less resistance & become profitable with simple techniques.

  • CONTROL the metrics you pay attention to knowing how to create maximum improvement with the least amount of effort.

  • DEVELOP some peak performance secrets so that you can exponentially grow your trading skills to earn consistent .

   Just like Warren Buffet Said,   

“Price is what you pay, is what you get”

After the first couple years of my Trading I got sick of the grind…the working hours upon hours, feeling burnout…worrying about if a large trade would win or lose…and I completely changed my approach.

I learned how to maintain a really high winning trade percentagework less, earn more and enjoy the process a lot more.

My entire mindset changed.

Unfortunately, many of the Forex trading course books and programs available are written based on very technical and difficult language and formulas, not at all for beginners.

…when your trading strategy is based something you do not fully understand,  you are not going to make consistent profit….that’s all changed now and a fresh approach is necessary….

…and I’ve actually used what I teach to always be at the very top or in the top %1 for every company I worked for.

This includes Investment Banks and a Billion Hedge Fund as well as some of the fastest growing companies on the planet.

What makes this course different is that I teach what actually works in easy simple steps.

That works.


  • How to understand bridge aggregation and how to use it.   

  • How to trade using a white label reducing risk improving profit.    

  • How to execute trades with FIX application programming interface.   

  • How to reduce latency by using the X-Core System.   

  • How to know why is best for professional traders to use the X-Core system.   

  • How to select a liquidity partner so you can reduce execution costs.   

  • How to identify the importance of selecting a prime of prime liquidity partner.   

  • How to receive the best pricing and quotes for all trading symbols.   

  • How to adopt the correct calm and collected trading mindset.   

  • How to keep calm even when you are live trading and under pressure.   

  • How to release stress even after a very challenging day/week.    

  • How to manage and handle overnight trades and how to deal with them.   

  • How to comprehend the meaning of risk management.   

  • How to acquire, create and implement a risk management strategy.   

  • How to distinguish when to take profit and put profit into the bank.   

  • How to calculate drawdown and manage risk in real time.    

  • How to extrapolate and increase profits whilst implements a trailing stop loss.   

  • How to perfectly execute fundamental process based trading strategies.

In short you will learn specifically why, what, when, where and exactly how to trade Forex, avoid unnecessary stress and learn to love what you do.

So, go ahead click the green buy now button on the right hand side, so you can become a trading master, leaving everyone scratching their heads as you make great profit trading Forex for a few hours per day.

What have you got to lose?  If you do nothing, nothing will change.

If you don’t love the course, if it doesn’t deliver on every promise, you can always get 100% of your money back, so there’s no reason not to enroll.

Once you enroll you’re given step by step instructions and easy to follow exercises.

Best of all, you’ll have my help should you have questions or need help applying the techniques in a specific situation. 

Who this course is for:
  • Intermediate Traders
  • Students who have completed volume 1,2

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