Are you planning a trip to France? Or do you frequently travel to French speaking countries?

This course will teach you useful phrases and essential vocabulary in French to make your travel much more enjoyable by communicating with the locals.

You will be guided through a brief introduction to France, learn French etiquette (Do’s and Don’ts) to be a gracious guest and learn helpful French phrases and words.

We will cover the most common places where tourists are:

  • The Airport
  • The Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Shopping
  • and Health & Safety

You will learn using the best method for language learning: Repeat and Memorise

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who is travelling to a French speaking country.
  • Anyone who want to learn useful French phrases for travel.
  • Anyone who wants to learn essential travel French words.
  • Anyone who wants to learn French etiquette when visiting France.

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