“Honestly? The most valuable, inspirational and motivational step-by-step program for achieving anything in life. Eye opening, engaging and definitely transformational. But don’t listen to me, try it for yourself and see.” – Keanu

Hi, I’m Wahido Marata and I have developed this online course with one thing in mind: empowering individuals to achieve their fullest potential. This is an online course focused on goal setting and achieving goals and dreams. There are so many such courses already in the market, so why am I creating another one? It is my belief that it is possible to achieve anything in life when we truly focus on what drives us, what brings us the sense of daily value, purpose and aliveness. When we are living life with passion, driven by a strong and tangible WHY that we can relate to, life automatically and organically guides us to manifest our dreams.

It is my and vision that every human being is born with the potential to manifest a dream job, harmonious relationships and a healthy body, mind and soul. But why don’t many actually achieve these in life? We struggle for so many years that it feels like lifetimes, to find ourselves stuck with an inner struggle such as a dysfunctional behaviour or an addiction, or a disempowering belief system. Ask yourself, ‘What is stopping me to fulfil my deepest vision in life? To have that space of  that I always envisioned, which is my birthright?

We can’t live in the past any longer, we need to accept it and move on, so we can plan the future and manifest our dreams, like our life depends on it. It is about what you want to do with your life, and which level of urgency you apply.

Going from zero to hero is possible and the first step is to believe it is possible. Then, you just have to add a few other elements to it such as persistence, focus, determination and patience.

Let me inspire you, share some tools with you and guide you to put into practice several steps that will lead you to create an action plan and motivate you to execute it and follow through. If you are ready to change and to give those steps in order to fulfil your dreams, I will ask you to commit and step out of your comfort zone and really give the steps necessary to reach your goal(s). Motivate yourself. No excuses. The time is now, we can’t wait for tomorrow.

Focus on your talents, values, purpose, passions and skills. What are you strengths? What are you good at? What makes you alive and full of , what excites you and brings that sense of feeling alive and engaged in every single moment in life, not to be wasted?

Find the energy that fuels your WHY, your thoughts, your soul, and your heart, and which gives you the space to feel more, to achieve more, to dream higher.

Accept where you are at, ground yourself, find your center, and plant the seed that can grow into the future you want to create in your life.

Here are some of the lessons that we will explore in this course:

  • Find Your WHY

  • Create A Structure To Achieving Your Goal

  • 21 Questions To Extraordinary Goal Setting

  • Goal Setting Action Planning

  • Creating Clarity About Your WHAT

  • Own Your WHY And Make A Conscious Decision

  • Your Goal: Obstacles and Benefits

  • Challenges / Mistakes / Obstacles Faced When Setting Goals

  • Making Your Goal S.M.A.R.T.

  • How To Elaborate An Action Plan For Your Goal

  • Take Action & Execute

  • How To Deal With The Fear Of Failure (or/and Success)

  • How To Change Behaviours And Belief Systems Permanently (or anything else you want to change)

  • How To Handle Your Addictions

I will inspire you to create change in your life, guaranteed. Give yourself this opportunity, it is worth it. See you inside.

To your health, well-being and clarity,


Who this course is for:
  • interested in setting their minds in what their professional activity will be after graduation.
  • Individuals ready to take the step to fulfil their life purpose and manifest their dreams.
  • Anyone motivated to be guided and mentored to achieve excellence and freedom.
  • Individuals that believe their deserve and that its their birthright to live a life on their terms, doing what they are passionate about and love to do in life, even if not paid to do it.
  • Anyone interested in a deeper understanding of human psychology and how to boost energy levels and motivation.
  • Anyone interested in improving and maintaining a healthy body, mind and spirit.

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