Do you want to start making in the stock market with a simple and robust trading strategy? 

                                              We are sharing our hot and most profitable strategy for you to learn. It continues to generate returns in 2018.

This course was offered for $249.00 last year, but due to the recent Udemy policy, it has been lowered to $29.  It is a great deal for everyone to learn.  This is a ridiculous offer for a strategy that can generate 300 X initial education investment in a year.

Please take advantage today as we can take down this course anytime from Udemy.

      The recent returns on this strategy:

2018: 112% up to Q2

2017: 175% based on $5,000 futures margin.

2016: Up to 12/31/2016: 156% based on $5,000 futures margin.

2015:   Up to 12/31/2015:  212% based on $5,000 futures margin. 

2014: 327% based on $5,000 futures margin.

This result is achieved with minimum unit and position size. Performance can be multiplied easily using bigger size.  The strategy is scalable as account equity grows.

          This course is intended to all-level of traders and investors.  Explained with easy-to-understand lectures and documentation.  Even if you never learn how to before, this course will be clear, concise and simple enough to learn for you.

  • Can achieve much larger return with compounded return and position sizing. (Will teach in the course how to do so).

  • Trade less but high win percentage. Typically 1 to 4 trades a week. No need to watch the market all day. This is great for busy people. You can place alerts, buy/sell orders and leave them.

  • Well-defined stops and targets. We always limit our loss and manage risk properly.

  • Less trading means less commission fees you paid and prevent overtrading, which is the top issue with retail and regular traders.

  • Strategy trades Emini S&P500 futures or S&P500 ETF that can be traded like regular . It can be applied to other index ETFs, as well.

  • Easy to learn in less than an hour and can start applying the strategy in live market.

  • Course is priced low as an introduction compared to $499 price at our website. Less than 50% of typical winning trade. It may go up as demands get larger.  We can also pull this course anytime to limit the exposure of this proprietary system.

                                              The course is designed from the scratch with beginners in mind.  Here is what you will get: 

  • Learn the same Psychology of Trading and Risk Management that are taught to traders at top investment . This lecture itself could be worth the entire admission price.

  • Everything you need to know about futures and ETF (Exchange Traded Funds)

  • How to trade futures and ETFs. They can be traded with normal brokerage accounts. (Extra: how to choose the right brokers for the purpose)

  • Learn how to use the stock chart for our strategy.

  • The EXACT step-by-step instructions how to apply the proprietary strategy in the market.  We will literally hand-hold you in the course what to do.

  • No ambiguity and no confusion.

  • No overload. We teach the most important parts of trading the markets that we use regularly as senior traders in investment banks.

                                              The strategy is so simple that a 12-year-old can trade it. We apologize for the analogy, but it is true.                                                Why simple is good?  After trading professionally for many years, we came to conclusion that simple strategies are the best in performance. Using multiple indicators, multiple moving averages, fundamental data, and other signals is typically a curve-fitting strategy and mostly will not well in real-time trading in live markets.   

                                              Depending on your knowledge levels, the course can be completed quickly.  However, we suggest to repeat and repeat again until you understand. Practice on the simulation or live market is recommended and should be done as often as possible. 

                                              If you are one of the traders, market participants, or enthusiasts as follows, then you will greatly benefit from the course: 

  • Has studied many trading books, seminars, or hours worth of courses and is still not sure how to trade the markets. This strategy is a concrete 1-2-3 strategy that will help you make money right away.

  • Has attempted to trade, but inconsistent.  This strategy will give you a consistent result and make you a better trader.

  • Frequently blew out accounts.  This course will help you how to manage risks.

  • Beginners who never traded or traded a bit before and want to learn a good method to trade.  This course can help you to start and make money right away.

                                              Hopefully, this course and strategy can help the community to trade better and beat the markets.  Please take the course and help yourself to be a better trader. 

Trade well.

                Disclaimer:                                  All information provided herein is published for educational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice. No profitability nor performance claims of any kind are being made. Trading is a high-risk, speculative activity. Consult with a registered investment advisor prior to making trading and/or investment decisions.                                  For full disclaimer, please watch the promo  

Who this course is for:
  • This financial trading course is intended for ALL LEVEL of traders and investors. Beginners will be taught step-by-step the entire process from zero to actual trading strategy implementation. The more expert traders will appreciate the proprietary strategy presented in the course and can begin trading right away using it.

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