If you have ever thought about purchasing an iPad but not sure whether you should get the full size version or the iPad mini, how much storage to get and what do you lose out on with the wi-fi only model, then this course is for you. Not only will you understand the differences between the models, besides the obvious of size, but what pitfalls to avoid so you won't have buyers regret with your iPad.

You'll learn that the iPad is not a giant and stands on its own in the marketplace. While it's true that you can read email and books, surf the internet and create documents and watch movies on iPad, this course aims to show you those things and beyond. Let's be honest, for the price tag of an iPad, we expect that it can do more than the average tablet. I'll show you how artists and musicians use it to create wonderful artistry. How it's being used in , health and and so much more. If you think you need to an adult, you will learn how kids and young adults are using it in and of course, I'll show you some fun things to do with your iPad too.

So, don't hesitate? Sign-up now and learn How-to Buy the Right iPad for you and get a good deal in the process.

Who this course is for:
  • This course is for anyone that is interested in purchasing an iPad but unsure if the full size iPad or the iPad mini would best.
  • Anyone that wants to view demonstrations of iPad uses to get a sense of how it can be used in their daily lives.

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