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If you want to learn everything that you need to know in order to start mining and start making money, here you can watch all this link of videos that I am making almost every week to complete the full class.

Titles seen in this course:

1. What is the difference between BITCOIN vs FIAT currency vs Gold

2. How to get debit card VISA for bitcoin and pay anywhere

3. Wallet for almost all crypto currencies bitcoin etc Win/mac/ios/Android

4. How to solve problem with the credit card to buy bitcoins

5. Best 3 websites to buy cryptocurrency bitcoin etc

6. Best places to buy bitcoin online or with paypal or cash or gift cards

7. Mining with a PC VS a mining with an antminer

8. Is it worth it to mine with your cellphone?

9. Is it worth it to buy an used bitcoin miner or any other crypto miner

10. Is Egearbit .com a scam? Bitman has no resellers

11. Is pandaminer a scam? How to avoid seller that are scammer in miners

12. Relation between speed and cost of bitcoin transaction

13. Guide and precaution Antminer installation

14. How to setup an antminer for beginners step by step (super tutorial)

15. Alternative HP power supplies for Antminer Bitmain

16. How to fix blinking RED LED in antminer – Troubleshooting

17. Looking inside of ibelink dm22g for dash

18. What are the differences in price Genesis mining Hash Flare Bitcoin pool

19. Unboxing ibelink dm22g ghs for dash mining

20. Unboxing introduction antminer s9 for bitcoin 14th

21. What differences between antminer pool amateur vs profesional

22. How to mine with f2pool with dash antminer d3

23. How to upgrade any antminer S9 L3 D3 etc

24. Review of f2pool for dash antminer d3

25. Is it worth it to buy at outrageous prices antminers or mine in the Cloud

26. How to fix error socket connect failed antminer

27. Secure pool vs unsecure pools for mining crypto currencies

28. Can you mine altcoin with your cellphone?

29. Best places to buy antminers in USA

30. How much $$ can you earn with minergate to mine altcoins

31. How much can you make antminer s9 December 2017

32. How to setup a pool in an antminer L3 Bitmain for Litecoin

33. How to fix heat sink of any antminer S9 L3 D3

34. How to replace fan’s power supply antminer Bitmain

35. How to replace the antminer board controller

36. How to exchange crypto currency with your cellphone in few steps

37. Are Antminer power supply any good?

38. How to tell if the vendor is a scammer of antminers bitcoin

39. Let’s see Antminer with water damage or environment with high humidity

40. 110v or 220v for antminer best option to savee electricity

41. How to connect all the antminer to internet mini bitcoin farm

42. Is Halong mining Dragon Mint a SCAM?

43. What is a crypto wallet? How to use it? Tutorial (bitcoin)

44. Power supply Bitmain vs Generic Chinese brand – Power consumption testing

45. 3 reasons why you should NOT buy antminer A3

46. Comparison Whatsminer vs Bitmain Which one is the best miner

47. Unboxing antminert9 miner for Bitcoin algorithm sha 256

48. Super motherboard for 19 GPU ideal for mining

49. How to purchase in Bitmain Antminer step by step with advice inclused

50. Super compact Fire Extinguisher for miners computers and electronics

51. Difference between mining in the cloud vs mining on my own

52. Rig with raisers vs raiserless for mining (motherboard octominer)

53. Maintenance & temperature of miners antminer

54. Baikal comparisson with antminer

55. How to mount in an antminer a self for PSU (power supply Bitmain)

56. Computer case enclosed & PSU octominer for Riserless mining

57. How to build a profesional RIG enclosed case + ETHOS tutorial

58. How to build a riserless rig with enclosed computer case 8 GPU

59. How to earn $1000 daily in Bitcoin Scam exposed

60. How to setup Baikal bk x to mine multiple coins & unboxing

61. Big mistakes sending eth RIGS via USPS or Fedex

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