While deleting phone or factory resetting regardless of whether the phone numbers and names are saved in the external memory card makes you lose your entire numbers and this is really frustrating, and many smartphone users lose these numbers up to 200 or more friends, family and people The need to contact them is a necessity.

So losing your names or contacts is limited to:

Format for the machine.
Delete numbers by mistake.
Not saved on SIM card.
Contacts are hidden from the device.
Steal your phone.

All of these reasons are detrimental to the loss of numbers you want to call or chat with through communication applications such as Whatsapp, so there is a perfect way to retrieve the phone numbers that you lost easily.

Who this course is for:
  • Restore the deleted numbers by mistake from the phone
  • For recover phone numbers losed
  • Recovery your all phone numbers with easy method and easy steps, macs, windows, android

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