An eToro guide: Investing without experience is possible by copying an expert with a single click. This platform, registered in London and regulated in Europe gives you the opportunity to connect with other investors, discuss strategies and use the eToro CopyTrader ™ and CopyPortafolio technologies. This is a social network of Investors, people who want to earn more than they would in the traditional banking system.

A guide to obtain spectacular profits through the most innovative and disruptive financial platform.

eToro has more than 9 million users. It operates in 140 different countries with a total of 16 languages.

It manages these 3 concepts that are changing the world of finance:

SocialTrading, CopyTrader™ and CopyPortafolio

Trade like a professional.

Social Trading platforms allow you to CopyPortfolios and Learn from experts.

The platform has a virtual account of 100 thousand USD, 100% functional and free to learn without risk. You can learn and make mistakes without the worries of actually losing any money.

This guide will allow millions of people to learn how to use a platform that may bring them earnings they could have never dreamed of. It begins with a practical exercise to implement the virtual account.

Who this course is for:
  • Do you want to learn how to TRADE without risks (with a virtual account 100% functional, free)?
  • Do you want to know how to invest in the most innovative platform on the Web?
  • Do you want to invest on stocks of around 13 different financial markets (like NASDAQ, New York, Paris, London, Madrid and others)?
  • Do you want to do Social Trading by learning from the best experts?
  • Do you want to do professional trading and have the resources to do it?
  • Do you want to learn from the best by following on their steps?
  • Regardless of your experience, if you said YES this course is for you.

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