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Dear iPad user, I your time, so let me get straight to the point.

Let me show you a super quick, effortless way to learn how to do EVERYTHING you want to do with your iPad.

Better than books or manuals… better than live classes, and better than anything else you might have seen online. But first, why do you even need any training?

Missing iPad Manual ? It’s Not Your Fault

You bought an iPad or got a present of one right? But why didn’t it come with instructions ?

  • Because your iPad is highly intuitive. But there’s still the unavoidable learning curve of learning something new. So choosing to just “wing it” is not a good option.
  • Well the truth is folks at want you to figure it out yourself but you and I both know…that’s easier said than done right? I know how frustrating it can be.

Admit to yourself that you’ve already struggled a bit figuring out some stuff on your iPad. I have come across and helped hundreds of frustrated and confused iPad users in my previous job as an workshop instructor.

Now, I can save you all that time by quickly and visually showing you how to do EVERYTHING you want to do with your iPad.

Introducing IPAD For Seniors

IPAD For Seniors is a series of iPad video lessons showing you everything from the very basics to advanced skills you need to use your iPad with ease-without a manual.

You can now watch these videos to learn how to use the iPad and specifically some of the useful features of the iPad which you will be using every single day.

You are watching over my shoulder every step of the way. Even better than my live presentations, because

  • you don’t need to leave home
  • you can access them any time 24/7
  • you can go at your own pace…and rewind sections that need review
  • You can watch the videos on your PC while you follow along with your iPad or watch and learn right on your iPad

Plus you’ll discover secret hidden tips that most iPad users never find out about. Or if they do it’s after days of trial and error.

At the end of your complete iPad for seniors video course, you’ll be more productive, and have more fun with your iPad. You’ll find these lessons are a tremendous return on investment that save you hours and hours of frustrating guesswork.

I will personally respond to any questions you may have as you go through the material so there's no worry if you're not sure how to take all of the information. So sign up now!

Talk Soon

Mike Jeffries

Who this course is for:
  • This course is best for beginners and new iPad users.

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