This quick course feature the iPhone 11 Pro Max: Filmic Pro camera app and LumaFusion Video editing app version 2.1.

It will guide you through the the apps, gear, setups & methods for making professional iPhone video production.

Using the pro apps like Filmic Pro and LumaFusion video editor you will learn the methods that top video makers use. The instructor will guide you to how to use the multiple cameras of an iPhone 11 Pro to capture high-quality shots using pro apps Filmic Pro and edit them with the Luma Fusion video editor.

Here is what this course will cover:

  • Camera Settings

  • The presets for standard film shots

  • Gear setups

  • Editing clips in LumaFusion video editor

  • LOG Mode and LUTs

  • Anamorphic filmmaking

  • Creative shots

  • Stabilization techniques

  • Setups for shotmaking

  • Editing audio in Lumafusion

  • Exporting and archiving video projects

This instructor produces the top-rated courses on Udemy for iPhone video and filmmaking.
His library of courses feature projects and exercises that you can use to build upon the foundations established in this course.

Who this course is for:
  • iPhone video enthusiasts who want to get pro results for their mobile films

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