This is a thorough class where you’ll learn the tools, techniques, and photography tips to create gorgeous iPhone photographs (using an iPod Touch or iPad as well).

With more than 80 short video lessons – which you can access and review anytime, forever… you will learn the information and techniques to take your mobile photography to the next level. 

Learn to use ‘the camera that’s always with you’ — whether it’s for travel, for business, for family, or just for fun with friends.  View the short (3: 00) video above for an overview & introduction to this course.

Comments from folks enjoying this class:

Very comprehensive, great pacing and instruction.


Love the enthusiasm & professionalism of Chet Davis already…can’t wait to learn more.


Chet has created a concise, easy to follow, set of lectures for the iPhone… To sum up, the course hits all bases and has taught me some new tricks, which makes using my new iPhone even more enjoyable!


As someone technologically challenged I appreciate how the viewer is walked through all the lessons. Very helpful and I highly recommend!


What You Will Learn in this iPhone Photography Course

We start with the the settings and options in the iPhone camera app. You’ll see up close and personal the Apps (iPhone Applications) that will give you great results – both in capturing photos, and in processing & editing photos right on your iPhone.

Together we’ll cover several techniques to improve your camera composition — and hone your creative eye.  And I’ll share with you the easy ways to connect to a computer for sharing and archiving of your iPhone photographs.

You can participate in this class via your desktop or laptop computer, but you can also enjoy learning using the Udemy App on your iPad. This free App is available in the App Store here: Udemy free App for iPad

Comments from those who have learned from Chet Davis:

“I REALLY enjoyed your class. YOU make the class enjoyable and fun and you are so easy-going and an AMAZING teacher.

“Chet is an amazing teacher. His clarity, knowledge, patience and warm personality are such a gift to any person lucky to be learning from him”

“I wish I had you as a teacher in High School!”

Who this course is for:
  • Folks with an Apple iPhone who are eager to maximize the photographic potential with the 'camera that's always with you'. The course also applies to those using the iPod Touch (Gen4 and higher), and the iPad/iPad Mini.

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