Your personal success depends on your ability to lead teams! Great team leaders are promoted and are successful entrepreneurs. Leading teams is the critical competence for leaders at all levels today. And, problem-solving is the basic methodology that drives improvement by teams and lean organizations. This short course provides the basic skills and philosophy of effective problem solving. It is based on 45 years of experience developing teams and implementing lean management. 

    The course covers the following: 

  • The Lean philosophy of problem-solving and continuous improvement.

  • Healthy attitudes toward problem solving.

  • Simple situation analysis.

  • Root cause analysis – the “five why’s?”

  • Brainstorming causes of problems.

  • The PDCA problem solving model.

  • The A3 problem solving model.

  • The skill of brainstorming.

  • Pareto or the 80/20 rule.

  • Action-Planning and follow-up.

Who this course is for:
  • Any manager, team leader, or team member wishing to develop the critical skills of improving performance.
  • Anyone engaged in lean management or continuous improvement.

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