Do you want Create your personal LOGO, BANNER, BUSINESS CARD, BROCHURE, LOGO 3D? 5 essential designs for your Business… learn now!

Why pay hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for CorelDRAW training when you can receive high quality, interactive, web-based CorelDRAW training at a fraction of the cost? Introducing excellent, online CorelDRAW training that allows you to learn at your pace without spending entire days at a time away from the office or your college.

The course includes basic introductory lessons to CorelDRAW X6. You learn commands and techniques for creating, editing, create and printing drawings with CorelDRAW with easy. You will become familiar with the CorelDRAW interface, tool, basic shape, effects artistic-media, setting up drawings for print, manipulating reusable , working with text, shadows, and basic display features.

The course is presented via an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, allowing you to learn at your own pace.

The course package:
– 7 modules with 26 tutorials (about 6.00 hours total) and 4 slideshows online PDF
– 5 exercises tutorials
– Videos available, 24 hours on 24, for any PC
– Learn when you want (every day or week-end)


– Some programing knowledge is good but not required
– No special hardware or software is required, a headset and an Internet

The course outline:
– Install CorelDRAW X6
– Interface of CorelDRAW X6
– My first image
– Add the Text

– 5 Exercises

Who this course is for:
  • Any: beginners, intermediate, advance – Student or Professionist
  • , web developer

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