Learn Dart Programming from scratch by Google. Prepare yourself for Flutter apps for Android and iOS and developing Web apps using Dart programming language. 

Dart is an object-oriented language which can optionally trans compile into JavaScript. It supports a varied range of programming aids like interfaces, classes, collections, generics, and optional typing. 

Dart can be extensively used to create single-page web apps, Android and iOS apps. Single-page applications enable navigation between different screens of the website without loading a different webpage in the browser.

In this course you’ll learn:

  • Dart Setup and required software Installation

  • Exploring the first Dart application

  • Built-in Data Types and variable declarations

  • Conditional Statements

  • Loops or Iterators

  • Functions and Methods

  • Exception Handling

  • Object Oriented concepts

  • Inheritance, Abstract Class, Interface and Polymorphism

  • Functional Programming: Lambdas and Higher-Order Functions

  • Dart Collection: List, Set and Map

  • Callable classes

  • Summary

Who this course is for:
  • You should be eager to learn this awesome programming language!
  • You do not need programming skills, we will start from scratch, heading towards intermediate and then to advanced topics.
  • Anyone who wants to use Dart for existing and new Flutter Apps, get this for yourself.

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