Welcome to the crash course on how to use Mac Operating System (commonly referred to as Mac OS).

If you have recently switched from Windows to Mac OS X, the differences between the two operating systems might seem confusing, frustrating and even a bit overwhelming at first. 

I can totally resonate with you since I have been in your shoes. When I bought my first Mac after using Windows for many many years, it took me many hours just to learn how to Copy & Paste text (without the help of Google). Learning other basic functionalities in the new Operating System was a nightmare. It was a steep learning curve, and took me months of browsing blogs and Youtube before I became comfortable with my new computer. 

So I created this course to help BEGINNERS and INTERMEDIATE USERS of the Mac OS to improve their user experience. I have packed this 1.5 hours course with whatever I have learnt during the last few years. You can learn all of it in this course, without needing Youtube, Apple Support etc.

Mac computers are wonderful, stable, carefully designed and well built – no doubt about that. And it’s safe to assume that almost always, there is an easy and cool way to do things in Mac OS X. But many people think that with Mac computers, one needs to purchase many extra software packages, which come built in with Windows computers. If you have the same views, I have a great news for you! Your Mac is full of tools and functionalities which you probably have never had a chance to explore, so you’re missing out on a lot of cool stuff. 

In this hands on course, I have carefully put together many tricks and best practices in the form of short video tutorials. It took me years (well, literally!) to learn them, but with this course, you can learn them super fast with minimal effort. These wonderful tips and hacks will save your time and energy, and will have a big impact on your productivity. Thanks to Udemy, this course will take you from a beginner / intermediate to an advanced Mac OS user in no time! After taking this course, you would be able to navigate the Mac OS X with swipes and keyboard shortcuts like a breeze, and would be able to minimize slowdowns like a boss.

This course will be regularly updated and I will be adding more tips as I explore them!

Have fun 🙂

Who this course is for:
  • NEW USERS of Mac OS, who just started using a computer, or for people who switched from Windows to Mac and are struggling through the differences between these operating systems.
  • INTERMEDIATE USERS, as they might find some very helpful ways to get certain things done in Mac OS that they didn't know about before.
  • This course is NOT for ADVANCED USERS of Mac, as they might know most of these tips already.

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