This course includes practical grammar tests ( mazoezi ya nyumbani ) with clear screen-cast recording and recording of Mwalimu Hamdy .  will benefit a lot in mastering Swahili grammar, understanding hidden grammar theories and enriching their vocabulary ( Msamiati ) ,  pronunciation and sharpening their listening skills.

This course will give you a better understand of how Swahili is written, you will see and hear clear grammar explanations using the elimination technique. Questions have choices and Mwalimu Hamdy will explain to you why that is the correct answer. 

Included are crystal clear video recordings of Mwalimu Hamdy with one of his best student in conversations with written words and translations. Do not miss this Golden opportunity to master Swahili grammar and pick-up plenty of phrases to use.

Please watch the free to get an idea how this course will benefit you. Karibuni!

Who this course is for:
  • Students who wish to practice Swahili in form of short stories, Msamiati and pronunciation.

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