So you want to learn how to meditate, but feel like you will never be able to learn how to empty your mind of thoughts and sit still for that long. You want to try it out but feel a bit intimidated and don’t really know how or where to start.

If this is you, then perhaps you will find this meditation for beginners course very helpful, and realize that meditation is really not that difficult once you get started.

In this meditation course, you will get the foundation you need to get started with your meditation practice and you will learn how to breathe, how to sit, how to empty the mind of thoughts, how to stay focused and much more. You will get answers to some of the common questions a lot of beginners have, and questions you most likely have yourself. The goal of this course is to give you a good experience… to help get you started and make everything easy and understandable. Learning how to meditate should be fun and easy, and it should feel like a pleasant experience.

I am a very practical person and I appreciate practical and straightforward teaching. So I have made this course as clear and to the point as possible, so that you do not get lost in philosophical thinking and spiritual explanations. This course focus on your health… on reducing stress and anxiety with the help of making meditation a natural part of your everyday life.

This meditation for beginners course is divided into sections, teaching you something very concrete and practical for each video lecture. Most of the lectures will end with a short exercise, taking a more hands-on approach, so that you can put your knowledge into practice as you go along.

The meditation course will cover the following:

· Introduction

· Why Should You Meditate

· How to Sit during Meditation

· How to Breathe during Meditation

· How to Empty the Mind of Thoughts during Meditation

· How to Stop the Mind from Wandering

· Stretch Your Body before You Start

· When to Meditate

· Where to Meditate

· Get Rid of Distractions

· How Long Should You Meditate for

· How to Know if You are Meditating Right

· How to be Consistent

· Answers to Common Questions

· 2-Minute Mindfulness Meditation

· 2-Minute Gratitude Mantra Meditation

· 3-Minute Easy Counting Meditation

· 3-Minute Stress Relieving Meditation

· 4-Minute Body Scan Meditation

· 4-Minute Self-Love Positive Affirmation Meditation

· 5-Minute Visualization Meditation

· Post Course Reflection

So I hope you will find this meditation for beginners course helpful

Meditation should of course never replace any therapeutic or medical treatment but is simply a way to help create inner peace and emotional balance.

Who this course is for:
  • People who have no or little experience with meditation
  • People who need a natural way of reducing stress and anxiety
  • People who wish to improve their overall health and happiness
  • People who seek inner balance and harmony
  • People with sleep difficulties
  • People who seek emotional balance

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