Singer/songwriters with strong rhythmic feel can create unique songs and cover modern songs authentically! 

Strong rhythmic feel can take your playing to a professional level!

It’s the difference between a YouTube cover artist who plays a 100 songs the same way (just a wash of that same rhythm pattern he or she knows), and somebody who can interpret songs authentically and create their own rhythm patterns.

Having a strong command of rhythm patterns allows each song to be different, not a wash of the same feeling.  

That’s why the of piano wielding singer/songwriters like Ben Folds, Carole King, Sara Bareilles, Diane Birch, Gavin DeGraw, make you feel alive.  It’s all in the Rhythm.

But how do you gain strong rhythmic feel?

It’s not about memorizing a few rhythm patterns.  That’s not what these artists are doing.

Gaining strong rhythmic feel requires rhythm pattern immersion.

This course will immerse you in the 8th note rhythm pattern feel that genre’s such as Rock, Pop, Folk, Country, are built upon.

You’ll play 8th note rhythm pattern, after 8th note rhythm pattern, after 8th note rhythm pattern, until that feel is internalized.

At the end of this immersion course you will have “8th note feel” and will be able to create your own rhythm patterns for your own songs, and cover other songs authentically.

  • You’ll gain strong internal rhythm
  • You’ll be able to play complex 8th note rhythms
  • You’ll viscerally understand the difference between 8th note Swing and 8th Note Straight
  • You’ll understand concepts like Anticipation, Syncopation, Backbeats, Texture
  • You’ll melodic piano hooks and begin creating your own

I’m excited to show you what I’ve prepared for you!

If you are too, I’ll see you on the inside!

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Who this course is for:
  • Anyone whose interested in playing modern piano

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