• Instructor is available inside the course to answer questions and provide feedback

  • Includes downloadable PDF files with transcripts and English translation

  • Includes listening and reading for understanding exercises

  • Includes quizzes after every section to test your knowledge

Why Dictation Exercises Are The Best Way to Improve Your Writing in Polish Language? 

Spelling dictation benefits you in a number of ways. Writing from dictation allows you to concentrate on the writing and spelling process without having to compose original sentences. It gives you the chance to practice newly learned words in context. Dictation exercises helps you master spelling patterns or rules.  It gives you practice in correct forms of speech and develop short-term memory. Finally, dictation exercises gives you practice in comprehending and transcribing clear Polish prose.

For your convenience you will find the transcription and translations in the resources section of every lecture. Please note that this course does not include grammar explanations, but focuses on dictation as a Polish language learning tool. 

What you can expect?

  • Downloadable PDF files with the course content

  • Professional, fun and easy-to-understand lectures

  • Engaging exercises that let you test your comprehension

  • Individual feedback from the instructor

  • A 30-day full refund guarantee, no questions asked

  • And last but not least… to speak Polish like a native!

With this course you will develop all 4 Polish language skills in an integrative way:

Writing: when you write down the dictated material

Listening: as the passage is dictated for you to transcribe

Reading: as a follow-up you will read the passage silently to check for mistakes

Speaking: when you will read the text loudly to practice pronunciation

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to improve their Polish writing and listening skills
  • This course is not for someone who's looking for grammar explanation

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