Note: This Udemy course is for Part 2 of this Instructor Training Certification Program.  If you have not yet completed the Part 1 Udemy Course, you need to complete that first before continuing onto this course. To become a certified Qi Gong Instructor you must complete both Udemy courses. Please read below for details.

This program is designed for individuals who live far away from Dr. Kuhn’s Tai Chi and Qi Gong school or have scheduling conflicts for the group training.  The students are required to follow the lectures and videos to start their step-by-step learning and practice. 

Testing:  Upon completion of both Part 1 and Part 2 Udemy courses, the student will be required to take a test in order to be certified.  Student can either schedule a 45 minutes appointment for the test via the web, or send a video showing their performance of this therapeutic Qi Gong form.

Dr. Kuhn’s contact information is included in the course curriculum. 

Part 2: Home Study Program

Section 1 – Introduction to Part 2 of the Instructor Training Course

Section 2 – Qi Gong Instructional Training Manual Part 2

Section 3 –  Instructional Practice Videos

  • Video 4: Part 2 of Therapeutic Qi Gong (Steps 19-36)

  • Video 5: Qi Gong for Daily Nourishment

Section 4: (Dr. Aihan Kuhn’s Book) Tai Chi Handbook (Bonus, Complimentary Book)

Who this course is for:
  • Students that have completed Part 1 of this Qi Gong Instructor Training Certification Course

Grab gift cards for holidays and/or make tax-deductible (before the end of the year) donations:

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