In this course you will learn key movements and principles of Tai Chi while seated.  The seated position allows those with limited endurance, balance and conditioning, to begin their journey toward improved through Tai Chi.  You will learn a simple Tai Chi form set in a seated format.  Once you have learned this from set and are ready, you can then learn through my next course, the standing version.

Tai Chi, whether seated or standing, provides increased strength, balance, and improved posture which leads to overall improvement in health and .   Anyone who wants to learn more about Tai Chi should take this course.  I have had individuals in my intermediate to advanced Tai Chi classes take this course and tell me they learned true fundamentals and postural improvements through the course. 

If you are brand new to Tai Chi, this is a GREAT starting point as it focuses on posture and upper body, simplifying the learning process.  If you are wanting to deepen your understanding of Tai Chi movement and improve your Tai Chi standing stance, this course will also be beneficial. 

Who this course is for:
  • All Tai Chi practitioners can benefit from this course as it emphasizes essentials of Tai Chi movement
  • Beginner friendly
  • A great starting place for those who would like to try Tai Chi but who may have poor balance, leg weakness or difficulties standing

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