This seminar provides real estate professionals with basic and advanced knowledge of the major social media platforms used to generate leads and make you a more effective sales person. It also provides the tools needed to create effective and successful campaigns with no or little cost.

Specifically, will learn:

Marketing: Strategies, ROI, Theories & Approaches, Tools & Tactics

Blogs and blogging: Platforms, Creation, Getting Views

Facebook: Follower Acquisition, Content & Posts, Tactics

Twitter: Building an Audience, What to Tweet, Becoming Valuable

YouTube: Creating Videos, Getting Views, Connecting

Instagram: Creating Profile, Posts, Using Hashtags

At the end of the day students will not only know how to use the most important marketing and sales tools created since the television, but they will also have a plan to use it.

As a bonus you will received a complimentary e-version of the instructor’s book, From the Ground Up: Building a Complete Program.

Who this course is for:
  • Real Estate Professionals who want to increase their leads and sales
  • Sales Professionals looking for new methods for selling, generating leads and making more sales

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